'Its very rare it seems to get a lifetime guarantee, so I suppose self satisfaction be the key'

Hello friends =) How is your weekend going? I am currently sat in my room in my 'old' flat listening to Paolo Nutini, eating pudding and dreaming of what could be. There is quite a lot going on right now - I'm moving in just a few days, finals are just around the corner as well as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. It might take some time for me to settle down in my new place and get wifi access - so please be gentle with me and my upcoming posts;-)

As the title says, today's post is about 'the simple things'. Whenever somebody talks to me about simplicity, I have Paolo Nutini's voice in my head singing 

'so I'll cherish the simple things, the easy took for granted things' 


Todays look is dedicated to my mum, whose birthday we just celebrated =) 
The dress I am wearing was made by herself and once I saw it, I instantly thought about that old glam chic. While I am more into coats and outerwear, my mum's definitely an artist when it comes to dresses. We were shooting this look on Sunday and all I did was thinking about Al Bowlly's 'Guilty', which you might know from the movie 'Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain'. The music is by Yann Tiersen who is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to french music and composers. Beside the fact that I am constantly wishing I'd be in a Hepburn movie, over the years, I fell in love with Paris and the 1920s fashion. There's this scene of Blair and Chuck where he says 'We're not living in Paris in the 1920s." and she responds, 'We both wish we were.' One of my favorite scenes in the whole tv show as it describes their relationship just perfectly. Anyways, there is something magical about the twenties. Women wore those amazing wrap coats with fur accessories, beautiful evening gowns and my favorite accessory of all time: cloche hats. I remember myself dressing up so many times in long dresses that belonged to my mother or my older sisters just to feel like a modern yet elegant princess. I sometimes wish fashion and life in general would be more glamorous and people would make more effort in getting dressed. For me it is a way of celebrating life, every single day. I know this might sound weird, even I got lazy with dressing up since my move to Berlin. Munich was definitely different I would say ;-) But still, I think if you're dressed nicely, you feel better - or am I the only one who feels better looking polished? haha =)


Hello from lovely Austria! Me and my sisters surprised my mum for her birthday. I took a late night flight from Berlin to Salzburg on Wednesday and couldn't talk about how excited I was to go home on any of my social media channels - as she follows me on all of them =D

In my mind, uni is already finished and I am so looking forward to hot, sunny summer days filled with cold drinks and lots of fruits. For todays look I wore this old H&M x Matthew Williamson tunika I got ages ago and paired it with a girly pink belt from my mum. The cold months are definitely over, and I can see m wardrobe getting more and more colorful! xx


Happy Humpday lovlies!
I am so excited to share these pictures with you today - they turned out simply magical! I had this idea of doing a photoshoot in my bathtub for ages and wanted to get it done before I move out in my new apartment, as the lighting in this one is obviously perfect. Of course I could not do it without my girls and some flower power. Geena is now officially Make-Up Artist for Bobbi Brown and worked her magic on my face once again. Whenever she does my make up, I feel like a princess, haha. Seriously, this time she surpassed herself, I mean, look at that golden-brownish blending, or whatever it's called ;-) With my girl Sarah being afraid of heights, she did such an amazing job on climbing around the bathtub, standing straight above me being scared the camera might fall in the water - haha! This was probably the most intense shooting we've ever had - and I am so excited of whats more to come! 


Whenever I create something for WOLFSCHLUCKNER, I want my customers to look like a modern female warrior. It can still be girly and cute but with details that help conquer the world - or just a stressful day at work, at home with the kids, on the plane, wherever. I guess for today's spray-coat, on which I was working quite a while since my sewing machine broke down in between, I got all influenced by doing Karate more than ten years. The cut, the belt, the sleeeves. I've been thinking about making matching culottes as well - it would just be the perfect two piece wouldn't it? Pretty extravagant but I do love this coat so much, and together with Geena's make up and the lighting in the pictures it's just stunning!


Happy Sunday y'all! You know that feeling when summer hits the city and you're so not ready for the heat? Welcome to my life. The last few days were preeeeeettay warm here in Berlin and I must admit that I am not ready for bare legs and all thousands of people sweating in the tube. Just, no. The only thing that kept my mood up high was this pretty bag that reminds me of my favorite drink as it's coffee colored. I recently got it via Stiefelparadies together with some new white platform sandals. Paired them with a cute frilly top and some wide pants. Luckily, I always have ice cream in my bag, this time Magnum Gold - seeeeeeriously, this is delicious, pretty sweet but who cares?

I now have to do some stuff for uni, such as layout some articles for our magazine, edit pictures and sew. Hope your weekend is fine and thanks for stepping by! xx

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