FRIYAY! What are your plans for the weekend? Today I've got a special announcement for you - it's the second look on LOC with one of my coats, eek! This time, I would like to introduce you to VALENTINA, a simple red, kind of berry colored coat with big patch pockets and a notch lapel. The color is just amazing and the pockets are inspired by Stella Mc Cartney to add some more fun to the coat. Since the color is really bright you can either wear the coat right now to add some color to your spring wardrobe or as a statement piece in fall/winter. I am a huge fan of big pockets and collars as they can make a simple coat look outstanding. For today's look I styled Valentina quite similar to how we styled it for our Lookbook shoot. Ripped Boyfriend jeans, sunnies to hide my super tired eyes and some sparkling accessories to add this girly hint of mine. What do you think?


Hello ello! While the sun is shining right to my face at this very moment, todays pictures were shot about two weeks ago, when the weather was still a bit colder. I'd love to say 'the cold never bothered me anyway' and that's why we shot this cute little lace dress outside with bare legs, but to be honest, I was freezing. After months of shooting in layers with scarves, beanies, hats and gloves to cover up, we are now slowly moving on to warmer temperatures, which means I have to get rid off my layers and warm accessories. The only garment I still can't give up is my scarf. I mean .. you can wrap it around yourself if you feel tired, cold or whatever. It is the most versatile accessory, right? Aaaanyways, we've got a few of my recent favorites here on these pictures. That lace dress is to die for! I am a typical girl, so I thought pairing a vintage inspired lace dress with a pink blazer and quilted crossover bag would be perfection, and it was. Together with what I call my 'grown-up shoes' it is such a girly, oldschool and almost princess look, don't you think? On top of it all, I wore 'Royal Ball' from the MAC x Cinderella Collection. Whenever I see this name on my lipstick, I instantly think of Lorde - Royals. I guess today's outfit would be appropriate for having tea with the queen, maybe the dress is a lil' bit too short, but worth a try! Since my girl Kavita has met the queen already, I need to catch up asap!

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful weekend! I just posted a happy picture on Instagram to make you all feel like Monday isn't that bad. I know it's easy for me since I have today off, but I will still work on some spring/summer coats and prepare myself for uni. Have a great great Monday and don't forget to enjoy the sun! xx


Since uni started again yesterday, I thought a classy look wearing a suit would be appropriate. I found this pretty pyjamas inspired two-piece on Maddies tictail store a while ago and immediately fell in love. I really love two-pieces as it makes dressing up incredibly easy. It's like with a white dress, which you just have to throw on in the morning, wear some nice sandals with it and you're good to go. With a suit it is exactly the same. I am totally with Barney Stinson as 'suit up!' works every single time ;-) Although I like my looks to be chic and this one is beyond businessy, I wanted to pair it with a striped top to make the look effortless chic and a bit more casual. Red lippy, little heels and a statement bag - ready! I guess if I'll ever have my own label, store, magazine, whatsoever, I would probably dress up in silk suits with simple shirts or blouses all the time. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent the basic suit for women, will always be the perfect choice of clothing and has to be in every one's wardrobe. 

I hope you had a good week so far! I am still working in my website, some spring summer coats for myself and my sisters and with uni started, I should probably be a complete mess, but surprisingly I'm not. I guess it's the sun, shining down on my face every single day making me feel even more alive, happy and blessed to work on all the things I love. How are you guys? Whats the weather like where you live? I hope you're enjoying the sun's rays as well! xx


Hair and Make up by Geena B

Good morning guys! So today's post is a special one. I teamed up with my girl Geena, who is the most amazing hair and make up artist I know, to try out the new Garnier Fructis 'Pracht Auff├╝ller'. I already have fairly thick hair, so I thought this shampoo and conditioner would have a massive affect on my hair, and I was proved right. Even while washing them I could already feel my hair getting thicker and voluminous. I can definitely recommend it to all you girls who have thin hair and want them to be thicker, more shiny and just glamorous. 
For me, its perfect if I want to go for a different kind of hairstyle. This time, we decided to go for a total 60s look. Geena backcombed my hair, used loads of hair spray and then did this amazing Twiggy inspired make up. What do you think? It is completely different to my usual hairdo and eye make up, but I love it! Thanks to Geena, I am slowly realizing that there are so many make up and hairstyle options and I shouldn't be too lazy to try out all of them. New challenge! 


Good Morning lovlies! I hope you had a great weekend and I really hope you're not as stressed out as I am right now, in a good way though ;-) Uni started yesterday and I am busy working/sewing, as I decided to go for a Fashion Design workshop to start off the new semester. Although I study Fashion Journalism, there's no way I could deny my love for Fashion Design and so I just signed up at the so-called 'Reconstrucing/Deconstrucing workshop', where you basically have to have an old garment and transform it in something completely new, as well as set up a collection of five outfits, moodboards, materials, etc. within 3.5 days. 
It somehow reminds me of project runway, although it's probably less stressful at uni, but still. I haven't had this kind of a challenge since graduation, therefor I am the excitement in person and full of inspiration and motivation! Turns out, after a whole month of sewing my coats and working on my label where I felt quite drained, another week full of sewing and being creative makes me even happier! So excuse the lack of social media posts as well as I don't really know what to talk about today, except of my uni program, but I will be back on my normal blogging routine Sunday =)


Hello guys! I am quite busy working on the website for my label, but couldn't wait to share these pictures with you. When I was out and about exploring the streets of Berlin with Emma last Saturday, we came across this amazing sunset at the train station. 


Happy Humpday lovlies! Today's post is something new to all of us, it's a behind the scenes post of the Photoshoot of my coats which took place last Sunday! I wasn't really sure whether to share it with your or not, as I don't know if you're interested in seeing what happens behind the camera, but it was such an important day for me, that I simply have to share it on my blog. 
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