Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I am back in the city, yaay! My parents were so kind and took me to Berlin by car. For about eight hours I sat in the car, in between suitcases and boxes, since my christmas presents were quite big and useful this year (I actually wanted to get a new steam iron, a new coffee machine and I needed a new washing machine as well, haha) Having your parents in your apartment is like a dream come true. Everything that's broken is fixed within a minute and they come up with the best ideas to make the best out of my tiny little home! So I have plenty new storage area and we even found time to paste my beloved flower wallpaper on the wall =) It is really easy, I probably should have done a DIY on this special activity, but instead, I got influenced by Zalando and their >DIY section

Honestly, I don't know why in my three-year-blogging-career I never thought about doing a DIY since I am constantly sewing coats and making clothes by myself. After looking through Zalando's DIY videos I kind of got stuck at this one, where Belén is making this pretty >20s inspired dress. Loved the feathers and the color of the dress and thought, why not making my own dress, since NYE is just around the corner? Instead of adding feathers I thought about tulle, to have my very own Carrie Bradshaw moment and to add a little glamour I used a velvet top. I actually think it is pretty cool that an online shop not only sells you products, but also motivates you to make your own, or at least, spice them old ones up a little bit, don't you think? =) 

I hope my instructions aren't too hard to follow, my English is always a bit rusty after being in Austria haha :) but maybe some of you might even get inspired and want to make a tulle dress as well =) don't forget to use the hashtag #zalandodiy :) 

Thank you for reading! xx

To add some more glamour, (and to hide the seams from sewing the tulle onto the top) I sewed a piece of black lace onto the dress =) 

in cooperation with Zalando

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  1. Dass ist vielleicht eine großartige Idee. Vor allem sieht es fantastisch aus und wie immer steht es dir! Muss ich gleich hinein schauen!


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