Hello from extremely warm and sunny Austria!
Although there are ten degrees outside I am still in the mood for christmas. Finally, I mean, it is already the 23rd right? A few weeks ago I had one of those days where I felt like my wardrobe was not colorful enough (it was probably Berlin's fault by being constantly grey and ugly) and found myself 30 minutes later, leaving Zara with these pants in my shopping bag. One might think they would only work in spring/summer (imagine wearing them with a white strappy top, big shades, little heels and a small cross-body bag), but they also look perfect with black accessories and this scarf I pinched from my sisters' wardrobe. What do you think about today's look? We took the pictures somewhere random in the neighboring town and I just love this corny "Heimat Haus" sign =D

I'm sorry for the lack of posts within the past few weeks/months, but it has gotten pretty hard to go to uni, go to work, plan outfits, take pictures of it, edit them and prepare a post as well as sew coats for various customers and squeeze in some quality time to see the bf, family and friends. BUT I still have a few things I need to show you before this year is over, so stay tuned and see you soon on tiny LOC blog! xx

boots, pants and coat - ZARA
scarf - ONLY


  1. Super toll! Die Hose ist super und die Accessoires dazu sind perfekt!


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