Monday, December 14, 2015


At the moment, Berlin is showing its ugliest side by being constantly grey, rainy and just boring. Honestly, it is so hard to take pictures and dress up nice when the weather is frustrating and all you want to do is wear all black every single day. Still, I could never do that, especially since this beautiful down cape arrived at mine a few weeks ago. It is probably one of the most precious garments in my wardrobe, and although I kind of swore myself not to wear another coat/outerwear brand other than mine anymore, I just could not say no to it. I mean, look at the hood, the collar, the cut, its simply magical and perfect for the upcoming festivities =) So happy and a big thanks to Bomboogie once again!

Besides the fact that I never know what to wear, everything goes according to plan .. well, let's say almost and let's hope it stays like that. Uni is almost 'over' which makes it easier to concentrate on the last coat I'll be making this year. Sarah and I recently counted how many coats I made within the last twelve months and it is insane! 2015 has been major. I made two collections for Wolfschluckner and besides, finished six coats for several customers and myself. Craaaaaazy. Anyways, I hope you're having a great week! Lots of love, xx


  1. Einfach nur wunderschön! Das Cape ist wirklich der Hammer und es wirkt total edel und glamourös! Toll gestylt!

  2. Toller Post Herzi! Ich liebe die Mütze an dir <3


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