Monday, November 9, 2015


Although the temperatures are pretty mild right now, I am still in the mood to wear as much knitwear and layers as I can grab in the morning. Two weeks ago, this amazing pullover from Aeronautica Militare found its way into my mailbox (real caption might be, the post man gave it to my neighbours and for some reason he didn't put a note into my mailbox, so I had to ring on every single door in my house to find out who got my package and yes, it was quite embarrassing) and since then I am absolutely in love with it. As I am always cold and feeling bad about turning on the heat already when it's more than 10 degrees outside I am wearing layer over layer at my place. This pullover is simply perfect for winter season as it is so soft, warm and cosy and seriously, I would not mind sleeping in it. The cut is perfect as it is not too short as all the other garments these days and you can still wear a tanktop underneath if it gets really really cold. Also, I think it goes perfectly with my suede leather skirt and those little pointed heels with the cute tassels. What do you think? 

At the moment, we are drowning in work for uni and that is why tiny Lackofcolor blog and my sewing activities have to step aside for a bit. I'll try to show you a new outfit every once in a while but please be gentle with me as we've got our intermediate exam coming up and there's a loooot to do! Have a great start into the new week, xx

little heels - Ullmann Fashion Trading
bag - H&M Conscious
skirt - Gina Tricot
pullover - c/o Aeronautica Militare


  1. Wirklich schön der Pulli! Sieht richtig weich aus. Tolle Bilder!


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