Sunday, October 18, 2015


Good Morning lovlies =)
It definitely feels like we skipped fall and got straight into winter and what is the best accessory for that time? Fake Fur of course! Found this rosé colored one at Zara and thought it would look great on 'Victoria', the latest coat I made. It is a simple black coat, no collar, light material, belt to emphasize my waist and normal pockets of course. Sarah chose to name it Victoria, since the cut has something quite royal I guess. It is actually longer in the back and shorter in the front, which makes it so unique and with the pleats in the back it makes your butt look preeetty nice, haha =) Anyways, it is always fun to find names for my coats; we already have a huge list of girl names and I can't wait to make matching coats!

First of all, thanks a lot for your lovely comments on my last post, so happy you liked all the pictures we took in Leipzig! I cannot wait to work with Gina again in a few weeks once my collection is finally done. Speaking of, I was feeling a bit frustrated the past week since my overlock machine broke down and I need to take it to the store to get it fixed asap! Without it, it is a lot more work to finish my clothes and even though I had a really bad week being constantly ill, overwhelmed and stressed out because of uni, I am still optimistic to finish everything on time =) I hope you guys had a great weekend! I am currently watching 'The True Cost' on Netflix (I know I'm late) and even after the first fifteen minutes I am already so nervous and shocked. At uni, we talk a lot about Fast Fashion and its tremendous consequences and I feel ashamed considering the fact that there are people working their ass off just so we have another hundred new styles hanging in the stores within a week. A rethink is much needed, for me, as well as the whole industry! 


  1. Wunder- wunderschön. Der Mantel ist der Wahnsinn steht dir so gut und der fake fur dazu ist einfach genial! Tolle Bilder, hübsches Mädchen!

  2. such a chic look

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  3. Gorgeous colour and style. 


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