Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Happy Wednesday guys!
All these fall colors outside make me so happy and moreover inspire me to try something new and bring new life into my wardrobe. I recently got myself a new powder by Dior which is so soft and lightweight and the ultimate finishing touch as it lets my skin breathe freely. Besides that, I am still all about that 'Retro' lipstick I got a few months ago at MAC's. It goes perfectly with my latest addition to my closet: this striped blouse with a loop at the collar. Furthermore, I am thinking about investing into more timeless pieces for my wardrobe, such as a watch. Ever since Daniel Wellington gave all those watches to several bloggers, I wanted to get my hands on one of them as well, but I think I only liked them because my Instagram feed was basically full of the Classic Sheffield or the Classic Bristol and I didn't know any other brands. So right now I am trying out different models to see which one would suit me best. In today's pictures I'm wearing one of my mothers watches, which me and my sisters got her for her birthday. It's beautiful but I am still not sure if it would be the right choice for me. I'll just keep on browsing, I guess. In the meantime you can tell me in the comment section what watches you have or would like to have =)

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Good Morning lovlies =)
It definitely feels like we skipped fall and got straight into winter and what is the best accessory for that time? Fake Fur of course! Found this rosé colored one at Zara and thought it would look great on 'Victoria', the latest coat I made. It is a simple black coat, no collar, light material, belt to emphasize my waist and normal pockets of course. Sarah chose to name it Victoria, since the cut has something quite royal I guess. It is actually longer in the back and shorter in the front, which makes it so unique and with the pleats in the back it makes your butt look preeetty nice, haha =) Anyways, it is always fun to find names for my coats; we already have a huge list of girl names and I can't wait to make matching coats!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Happy Weekend guys!
Since it's October now, it is high time to get that layering game on, right? I already practiced in September when shooting with Gina in Leipzig. I am constantly freezing, so it makes sense to wear layer over layer and only take off something when I'm literally forced to ;-) With blue being one of my favorite colors I immediately fell for this woolen vest and knitted midi skirt from Zara. Perfect as they keep warm and look good at the same time! Paired it with a knitted top from my current collection (soon on, black heels and one of my coats from last year. Meanwhile, it's pretty cold outside so bare leg season is definitely over and since I am not a fan of transparent tights, black ones are my go-to accessory. With beanies being 'so 2012' and a hat looking too edgy, I dug out this cute grey basque beret to add a french touch to this look. Hope you like the last pictures I took with Gina, I'm sure there'll be more to come!

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