Friday, September 4, 2015


You know how I spent the weekend in Munich with my girl Anni? Well, on my last day I fell down the stairs at her place before heading over to Parade Deutschland agency to pick up this gorgeous trenchcoat by Bomboogie. Anni has the nicest flat I have ever seen, but her stairs are absolutely insane and I am a really clumsy person as well. Anyway, nothing bad happened and the trench inspired me to channel my inner horsewoman, get those overknees out of my closet and pair them with this fancy cap from Monki. Actually, I am still blaming my parents for not teaching me how to ride a horse since I think it is such a beautiful activity, but I'd probably would have fallen off the horse anyway. Today's look is also Blair Waldorf inspired - remember Lady Alexander? ;-)

I had a fun shooting on Tuesday for a Korean newspaper. I should probably get Snapchat again so you can see what my days look like, but once uni starts it will be less interesting anyway. I'll be thinking about it though, until then, here's a little story. My partner in crime for this shoot was Peter, a 73 year old man looking like Santa Clause. Seriously, that guy made my day. We had so much fun! He told me loads of stories, how he started his career in fashion at P&C, married his wife at a tender age of 16 or how he got a call from Jean Paul Gaultier who asked if he wanted to walk in his runway show. Peter is probably the most humble man I have ever met in Berlin and the smartest for sure. First thing he told me once he got to know my age was "don't you ever tie yourself onto someone". His wife has been living in the U.S. for 15 years while he's working as an actor/Santa Claus and just having fun. I loved when he said Christmas was his busiest time of the year =) Oh well, what a day. You know that feeling when you're sad and someone comes right around the corner and brightens up your day? That's exactly what happened to me, and he inspired me in so many ways! Hope you're having a great day, thanks for reading! xx


  1. love how you styled this

  2. Can i say love it?
    the photos are awesome <3

  3. nichts als Liebe für diesen Post - wie immer fantastische Fotos und eine tolle Story Liebes! Vermisse dich (und bin froh dass meine Treppen dich nicht das Leben gekostet haben. haha)! <3

  4. So tolle Bilder, cooles Outfit. Es steht dir wie immer blendend!


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