Wednesday, September 30, 2015


pictures by Gina Marry Photography
It feels like ages ago since my daytrip to Leipzig to explore the city and shoot with lovely Gina from Gina Marry Photography. Although it was only the beginning of September, it was so cold outside but I still wanted to take pictures with this amazing summer dress from H&M's conscious collection. Absolutely in love with the valance which makes every picture so unique and brings a bit of movement to the whole look, especially because of my glassy eyes. Both Gina and me are so happy about your feedback on our previous shoot and I could not wait to share todays series of portraits with you but just had no time to prepare it until now! So sorry for only posting once a week at the moment guys!

There goes another day
Don't suppose I'll come out to play with you
I'll just sit at home
Write another song about how I wanted to

I am at uni right now working on several papers, presentations, fashion films and meanwhile my wisdom teeth are killing me. According to Sarah, my cheek is huge, which explains the lack of selfies/ootd posts on Instagram but thank god I got a special delivery of Austrian painkillers only yesterday. Still, all I can do is think about my huge to-do list that I have to work off and being constantly ill really is not helping at all. To be honest, I am feeling a bit frustrated by how many health problems I have had over the past year and how time goes by so quickly. 'There goes another day' describes my current dilemma perfectly, as I can't seem to find time for anything and at the end of the day I cross out tasks instead of ticking them off. Anyways, my doctors appointment is all set and I hope you like today's pictures! Happy Humpday, xx


  1. Einfach grandios, soooo schöne Bilder. Dein Make up ist super und passt perfekt! Einen tollen Job gemacht!

  2. beautiful dress


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