Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey hey! It's been a while since my last blogpost, I am busy working on getting a proper daily routine actually. I am trying to get up as early as possible to get some work done before heading to uni which ends at 6.30 pm every single day and then meet up with friends or work on my collection. 
But here I am again, with a new blogpost to talk about Esprit and their new #ImPerfect campaign. You might have seen a lot of posters around your town with happy people sporting their imperfections. None of them are professional models but just random people who learned to love themselves unconditionally. Loving yourself can be quite a challenge but I hope y'all are willing to take it. The new campaign wants to encourage us to stop pursuing to look like one of those models but just be ourselves, with our own thoughts, imperfections and of course, our own style. Who needs perfection anyway?

Sunday, September 13, 2015


pictures by Gina Marry Photography

First week of uni usually isn't stressful at all, but as I can be a little workaholic, I sometimes make my life busier than it needs to be. Just as this week, where we had a special draping workshop at uni which was really interesting and helped me a lot as I am working on something new for Wolfschluckner. It was both funny and exhausting to drape fabrics on a mannequin eight hours a day and just let your creativitiy lead you wherever, but I am still tired and feeling like my creativity needs to take a break, as well as my hands from all the working. Instead of relaxing Saturday and Sunday, I thought it would be fun to work at the Lollapalooza festival. Getting some extra money and hating myself for not getting a proper ticket to see the acts, yay! The line up is beyond amazing and I need to go there next time! 
Anyway, I am now back at my place watching the live stream :-P (it's Saturday while I'm writing this) and I thought about sharing pictures from my day trip to Leipzig with you.

I just hope you're not getting bored of this cape, since it is my favorite selfmade garment and I'll probably be wearing it until the end of days. 
As you might have seen if you follow my social media, a week ago I went all the way from Berlin to Leipzig to shoot with Gina from Gina Marry Photography who just takes stunning pictures! Seriously girl, you are so talented and I am really glad our paths have crossed. We went up the Panorama Tower to shoot this look while it was cold, rainy and windy, obviously; but we just did not care at all. These kind of shootings are a lot more fun than all the streetstyle pictures I took in the past three years and therefor I could not be bothered by the weather. I hope you like them as well! Have a great Sunday, xx
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