Okay, sooo .. I am preeeetty much in the mood for fall, every shop window with new arrivals is making me go crazy and I am mad about turtlenecks, knitwear and everything that combines the word cosy, oversized and warm - but we knew that already, right? I found this extremely comfy pullover at Gina Tricot the other day and had to get my hands on it asap. Since I am feeling a bit ill at the moment - the typical sore throat and, as usual, I lost my voice again which ALWAYS happens at the end of summer, a new cosy jumper came in handy. If you want to make an outfit look more elegant then just wear everything in the same color and just add a tiny bit of color and you're good to go! The red hat is my latest addition to my hat collection and I loooove it to pieces! Already created tons of looks in my head .. ;-) 

There's only one week left till uni starts and I just realized I've got a major to-do list to work off before I can start into my third semester. The actual plan for August was to focus on my new collection but somehow life got in the way. After staying at my parents place, having this stupid surgery that made me stay in bed for days, I just had to get out there and not spend a minute thinking about work and appreciating the sun. At first I was all nervous about spending a summer not at my parents place, meaning not at the pool/lake as I am a keen swimmer, but staying in Berlin worked out quite well. Froyo and cocktails helped out a lot ;-) I hope you're having a great Sunday guys! xx


  1. So, so toll! Die roten Accessoires mit den nude Teilen einfach nur genial und hinreißend! Gratuliere.

  2. love how you styled this -- the hat is way cool

  3. Was für ein toller Look! :) Rot steht dir wirklich gut <3 !

    Liebe Grüße,


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