Happy Sunday tiny LOC readers! Hope you had a great week/weekend. I am finally done with uni and I cannot really believe that I've got actual holidays for the next six weeks. Of course, I have got a lot of stuff planned, such as going home on Tuesday and do NOTHING, for the next ten days. Crazy huh? I can't remember the last time I really did nothing for such a long time, but I am so excited to just lie in the sun all day long and hopefully get a tan! August will be busy anyways, as I'll be working on a new collection - stay tuned! =)

Today's outfit is the Samantha Sung shirtdress I got for my birthday a few weeks ago and straight wore to Fashionweek. Lena Hoschek was the perfect occasion to wear this quite feminine dress with a 40s, 50s silhouette. It was love at first sight! Samantha Sung is actually from Korea but after working for Cerruti and Ralph Lauren she started her own business. Her dresses are traditional yet the print is quite modern. The quality is just amazing, since every item is out of natural fibres - seriously, everybody was complaining about how hot it was on that day but I didn't even realize the heat while wearing this dress. Just have a look at her website in case you're interested in her designs - I have to admit they could work more on that website, but at least it's user-friendly  :-P 


  1. such a cute dress

    giveaway on my blog!

  2. Absolutely love this print, it's so pretty! xx

  3. Grandios, dieses Kleid ist der Hammer und steht dir extrem gut. Eine gute Wahl für die Berliner Fashionweek!

  4. Your makeup looks so good !The lip colour is perfect!


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