Hello from my new workspace aka new apartment ;-)
I finally have wifi at my place and in between all the stress I created this short post for you with pictures from Berlin Fashionweek. Above there's my outfit from day one. I will show you the full outfit sometime next week but stay tuned - this dress is a killa!

So I went to see Sopopular Berlin on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately I only took one picture, but I have to admit that I was not much of a fan of their collection anyway. The clothes were mainly kept in black, white and army green, which are nice colors but I didn't really like the fact that everything looked like it would fall apart within seconds. There were too many zips, holes and slits in my opinion - but the boots were amazing! Second show I got the chance to see was Lena Hoschek, which was incredible! It's not only the fact that she's from Austria why I love her work so much, but she really knows how to make a woman look beautiful, traditional and glamorous. I also loved the hats the girls wore .. already asked where I can get one ;-) On Wednesday, right after one of my exams I rushed through Berlin only to see Rebekka Ruetz. Her designs were inspired by mexican artist Frida Kahlo and they were beautiful. I loved the colors, the headpieces and how long and flowing every item was. Definitely something I would invest in =)

As we always have finals at the same time as Fashionweek, I didn't go and see more shows although I would have loved to see more. Besides the shows I checked out Zalando Fashion House as you might have seen on my Instagram and had some girl talks with loads of Austrian Bloggers ;-)

I am now off to study for uni - hope you had an amazing weekend! Thanks for reading, xx


  1. looks so amazing

    giveaway on my blog!

  2. So tolle Bilder!


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