Sunday, June 28, 2015


'Its very rare it seems to get a lifetime guarantee, so I suppose self satisfaction be the key'

Hello friends =) How is your weekend going? I am currently sat in my room in my 'old' flat listening to Paolo Nutini, eating pudding and dreaming of what could be. There is quite a lot going on right now - I'm moving in just a few days, finals are just around the corner as well as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. It might take some time for me to settle down in my new place and get wifi access - so please be gentle with me and my upcoming posts;-)

As the title says, today's post is about 'the simple things'. Whenever somebody talks to me about simplicity, I have Paolo Nutini's voice in my head singing 

'so I'll cherish the simple things, the easy took for granted things' 

and he is so right about this. Too often it's all about that new sneaker everybody needs to have, the latest iPhone and the coolest club in the city. Whenever I come home see my friends and family, I am so happy to get away from this hectic city that is full of accessibility, whirligig of time and posing. Sometimes, I really need to remind myself that I am lucky to actually live in Berlin and chase after my dreams but more importantly, I am so lucky to get to go home every once in a while to this quiet, small place where I can rest and think about some new ideas. I guess living 600km away from my family and oldest friends made me appreciate it even more, but don't get me wrong, I l-o-v-e Berlin. And I am getting better at understanding this weird Berlin accent.
While being in Austria, I dressed up quite casual. Ripped jeans with flats, a long blouse that caused confusion at the airport ('are you wearing a nightgown?!') and this pretty vest from Gina Tricot that is absolutely amazing cause it works with everything. What do you wear for a relaxed day in your hometown?


  1. Das ist ein gemütliches Outfit und das lange Gilet und die Bluse sind toll! Dieser Mensch hat keine Ahnung!

  2. Du siehst wunderbar aus! Der Look ist so lässig aber wirkt dennoch zusammengesetzt. Sehr gut!
    War jetzt eine Weile inaktiv aber ich freue mich auf viele weitere Posts von dir :)

  3. I love those flats

  4. thank you :) I loooove this look - so comy but yet elegant! xx


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