Todays look is dedicated to my mum, whose birthday we just celebrated =) 
The dress I am wearing was made by herself and once I saw it, I instantly thought about that old glam chic. While I am more into coats and outerwear, my mum's definitely an artist when it comes to dresses. We were shooting this look on Sunday and all I did was thinking about Al Bowlly's 'Guilty', which you might know from the movie 'Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain'. The music is by Yann Tiersen who is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to french music and composers. Beside the fact that I am constantly wishing I'd be in a Hepburn movie, over the years, I fell in love with Paris and the 1920s fashion. There's this scene of Blair and Chuck where he says 'We're not living in Paris in the 1920s." and she responds, 'We both wish we were.' One of my favorite scenes in the whole tv show as it describes their relationship just perfectly. Anyways, there is something magical about the twenties. Women wore those amazing wrap coats with fur accessories, beautiful evening gowns and my favorite accessory of all time: cloche hats. I remember myself dressing up so many times in long dresses that belonged to my mother or my older sisters just to feel like a modern yet elegant princess. I sometimes wish fashion and life in general would be more glamorous and people would make more effort in getting dressed. For me it is a way of celebrating life, every single day. I know this might sound weird, even I got lazy with dressing up since my move to Berlin. Munich was definitely different I would say ;-) But still, I think if you're dressed nicely, you feel better - or am I the only one who feels better looking polished? haha =)

Right now we've got about three weeks left till finals. I already fell asleep last night while editing these pictures and now its 7pm and I am still at uni finishing this blogpost cause I didn't have time to do it earlier. After that, I need to go home and sort out some stuff for my new apartment and I should probably start studying for some exams - oh well. I really hope you're not as busy as me, and if so, just stay calm and eat ice cream. That is at least what I'm going to do now =) 

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