Whenever I create something for WOLFSCHLUCKNER, I want my customers to look like a modern female warrior. It can still be girly and cute but with details that help conquer the world - or just a stressful day at work, at home with the kids, on the plane, wherever. I guess for today's spray-coat, on which I was working quite a while since my sewing machine broke down in between, I got all influenced by doing Karate more than ten years. The cut, the belt, the sleeeves. I've been thinking about making matching culottes as well - it would just be the perfect two piece wouldn't it? Pretty extravagant but I do love this coat so much, and together with Geena's make up and the lighting in the pictures it's just stunning!

I am now off to uni - seriously, this is one of the craziest weeks I've ever had - so busy, but we have some pretty cool articles coming up within the next few weeks, stay tuned! Lots of love, xx


  1. Wirklich genial, der Mantel ist fantastisch geworden! Auch das Make up ist toll, schöne Bilder.


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