Happy Sunday y'all! You know that feeling when summer hits the city and you're so not ready for the heat? Welcome to my life. The last few days were preeeeeettay warm here in Berlin and I must admit that I am not ready for bare legs and all thousands of people sweating in the tube. Just, no. The only thing that kept my mood up high was this pretty bag that reminds me of my favorite drink as it's coffee colored. I recently got it via Stiefelparadies together with some new white platform sandals. Paired them with a cute frilly top and some wide pants. Luckily, I always have ice cream in my bag, this time Magnum Gold - seeeeeeriously, this is delicious, pretty sweet but who cares?

I now have to do some stuff for uni, such as layout some articles for our magazine, edit pictures and sew. Hope your weekend is fine and thanks for stepping by! xx

pants - H&M
top - Zara


  1. Sooooo schön da kommt Sommerstimmung auf. Die Tasche ist toll überhaupt die Schlangenoptik! Cosy Schuhe dazu ein Eis perfekt!

  2. Mhhhh Eis könnte ich gerade auch den ganzen Tag essen :D Und das Outfit sieht wunderschön aus!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana


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