Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Well hello again. Sorry for this little blog absence, there was too much stuff going on in my head these past few days/weeks. I was looking for a new flat for a while now and signed the contract only yesterday. I had lots of work to do at uni and started working again besides uni. Kavita is coming over to Berlin tomorrow and I can't even describe how excited I am to see her! It's been a year - OMG!

Anyways, we had the chance to cooperate with such a cool company and I am super excited to share todays pictures with you! As you might know, I am into music, like a lot. I love to quote lyrics, I could probably talk in lyrics a whole day (just ask my friends, they know how annoying I can be) and of course I love to have a good sound. When Sudio contacted me, I was so happy, as my earphones recently broke down and I desperately needed new ones. After testing the Sudio TVÅ in white for two weeks, I can honestly say that they are the best earphones I've ever had. I'm not just saying this because I obviously love Swedish companies, but because they are amazing. I went jogging and they fit perfectly, you can switch between songs with this little button and above all, how cool is it, that you get a Owner's Manual and Quality Assurance Card? I've never seen this before but I love it - makes the product super unique! I called the blogpost Humdrum Town, as this song came up first when I tried my new earphones! Haven't heard it in ages but still love it!

In case you're interested in getting your own pair of earphones, the lovely team of Sudio provided me with a 15% discount code. Just use 'lackofcolor15' and get your own amazing sound system for on the go. The code is available until May 22nd =) Happy Humpday! xx

sneaker - Adidas Original
culotte - H&M
sweatshirt - H&M
sunnies - Ray Ban
bag - Mini

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  1. So toll, ich liebe die kleinen Ohrstöbsel weil die viel praktischer sind. Leicht zu verstauen und fertig. Sportlich, sportlich!


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