Sunday, May 31, 2015


With tiny LOC blog turning three in one month, we thought about changing a few things over here. I don't want to promise too much, but you might have seen that we changed the way of shooting, editing and layouting as well as the looks in general. LOC is trying to do more editorial and less streetstyle. Period. There are so many great Streetstyle Bloggers out there and I just don't feel comfortable being one of them, while I dream of pictures with sparkling dresses, dramatic make up and me being almost naked in the bathtub, haha! Stay tuned guys!

Wearing my mums old Chanel suit is the perfect outfit to start in a new era on LOC. It combines Vintage chic as well as stands for something new, as I combined it with a leather jacket and wore this scale skirt over the dress. I think both me and Sarah enjoyed shooting this look so much, as it was in such a beautiful and quite fancy area of Berlin where we usually don't hang out. But thats actually the point. I don't want to shoot in just another street, wearing just another pair of ripped jeans with some heels and a bag that I can't afford. So we're taking it to the next level and see LACKOFCOLOR as a blog to try out stuff. It will be a lot about trying out different styles, having lots of fun and constantly learning, in terms of Styling and Photography.

You all might remember that we changed LOC's layout only a few months ago and talked about changes already, but then life just happens. I keep repeating myself, but I was so busy in the past, that I had to postpone Lackofcolor all the time, which made me feel really sad and guilty. I started writing five posts a week in 2012, but sadly, there'll only be 1-2 posts a week from now on, probably Wednesday and Sunday. BUT we'll be working on these few ones like crazy. We'll be creating less content, but amazing content ;-) I used to keep comparing myself to other Bloggers, the ones who post almost every day, are on social media all the time and visit every single event, trade show, ... but I guess I am just not that kind of girl. In the end all I want to do is create stuff, sleep and drink coffee. It's as simple as that.

Honestly, this week was so confusing and I am happy when it's finally over. I changed my hair this week - went from blondie to brownie and I got the contract for my new apartment - eek! After one month of working I can now say I got it down. My sewing machine arrived after four weeks and I literally cried when I got it back - haha! And to top it all off, LOC got a new layout! What do you think about our new look? I quite like this classy style and the pictures being in the centre. LOC turned from writing almost nothing, to writing way too long articles to writing bits every once in a while, but we really want to focus on Outfits and Photography. I hope you still enjoy reading Lackofcolor and that you'll stick with us for a few more years at least! Wishing you a happy Sunday and thanks for reading! xx

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  1. So, so schöne Bilder einfach nur fantastisch! Sehr dramatisches Make up und die Kombination mit Lederjacke und Dr.Martins ist super toll, gratuliere!


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