Hey guys! So sorry about constantly changing the time when my posts go live, but with work, uni and me being tired 24/7, I fall asleep almost everytime I work on the blog, haha! I just got home from a fun afternoon spent at Mauerpark with Geena. We didn't really fancy going to 'Karneval der Kulturen' as we both were ill this week and didn't want to relapse. Hope you had a great Sunday as well! 

I wore todays jumpsuit at the Stylight Influencer Awards and actually wanted to sell it straight afterwards as its a bit big and obviously I am not tall enough, but somehow it got stuck in my wardrobe and stayed there until two weeks ago. Todays look is perfect for spring summer. Just mixed some shades of blue, a little crossbody bag for going out, red lippy, messy hair and statement heels. Its always funny seeing pictures like these and remembering when we took them, as it was just before our next uni lesson. My blog is like a ventil to be creative and try all kinds of looks. It is so much fun shooting them and then go back to uni wearing all black everything and sitting there editing the pictures dreaming about a completely different world. Although I study Fashion, it is not as glamorous, easy and fun as it may seem sometimes, but at least I've got tiny LOC blog and Wolfschluckner which sometimes is much more fun than uni stuff, haha =) xx


  1. love this look

  2. So toll, das Blau ist unglaublich und steht dir exzellent!


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