Since it's April, I thought it would be time for some spring vibes over here. A few weeks ago, lovely Emma came to visit me in Berlin, where we shot these pictures with a flower crown I recently got myself. When I had the opportunity to stay in Sweden last summer, I was actually a bit sad that I couldn't go until the middle of July and missed out on Midsommar. I definitely want to celebrate it some time, whether in Sweden, Austria or Germany and therefore I just bought a flower crown and asked the lovliest Swedish girl I know to take  a few pictures. I did not really dress up or anything, just went for something quite normal, black skinny jeans, black top and Adidas originals.

My parents have always been huge fans of Sweden and Norway, they have a lot of friends over there and we went there quite often. I don't know why, but I love this country, it's traditions, the language, just everything. I guess me and my sisters just grew up with being in Sweden, having Swedish friends over, loving their food, going by bike everywhere and living in cute little red houses. Oh my. I miss it.
I just landed in Berlin from a week full of family time, delicious food and partying with the girls. Now back to uni and work work work! 

Happy Humpday and hopefully the weather is better where you live! xx

pictures taken by Emma Grann Fotografi 


  1. Du siehst so hübsch aus und deine Blumenkrone steht dir blendend. Emma hat wirklich tolle Bilder gemacht!

  2. Guuuuurl you look stunning ! flowerchild <3


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