Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Due to my education in Austria, outerwear has always been my strength. I am very interested in creating coats and jackets, which is why this collection is based on the five coats every woman should have in her closet. From a bordeaux or camel colored cape, the classic black coat to a statement coat in bright red with small embellishments.

  • Design & Styling: Carmen Wolfschluckner
  • Assistant: Sarah Eva Fitzbauer
  • Photgraphy: Emma Grann Photography
  • Hair & Makeup: Greta Luise Wolansky
  • Model: Karoline Hackländer


If only I could haven taken this beautiful car and just leave. I really miss going places by car in Berlin. Somehow sitting in front of the wheel makes me feel alive and free of everything. Of course I could have gotten in a car2go or take by bike, but it is just not the same. As I grew up on the countryside, where there are loads of fields and endless streets, I fell in love with driving straight forward while listening to super loud music. I don't really care where I'm going, quoting Christina Aguilera now 'the road becomes my muse'. Imagine me, wearing these awesome boots I recently got, together with my ripped jeans, leather top and cap getting in this amazing Ford Thunderbird and drive off. There are days where I like to pull off a so called cool girl look and pretend I don't give a fuck (excuse), so thats what I did yesterday. These boots are incredibly cool and go perfectly with my leather shirt and cap. Don't forget to like Schuhtempel24 on Facebook if you're interest in some upcoming sales! I just got another hair cut, slightly shorter with side bangs, which will be fun to style for upcoming LOC shoots. What do you think about todays pictures? Would you go on a ride with me?

I am currently packing my things as I will be going home this afternoon. First stop is Vienna, at my sisters place, and then actually go home to see my parents and celebrate Easter. What are your plans for the weekend? I can't wait to have delicious brunch with my family and just relax. First month of uni is almost over and it was really intense so this little Austrian break is perfection!

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