Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Happy Humpday lovlies! Today's post is something new to all of us, it's a behind the scenes post of the Photoshoot of my coats which took place last Sunday! I wasn't really sure whether to share it with your or not, as I don't know if you're interested in seeing what happens behind the camera, but it was such an important day for me, that I simply have to share it on my blog. 

It took me and Sarah about one month to prepare everything - we scouted places, looked for models, make up artists, did some styling, tried everything, took lots of pictures, wrote everything down, not to mention taking care of food and drinks during the shoot so everybody is satisfied. Huge thanks to my partner in crime Sarah - who helped me loads and who is just my lifesaver in terms of everything! I have always thought about making my own coat collection ever since I started Lackofcolor but I guess life came in the way. I kind of delayed it for two years and when I started uni here in Berlin, I felt like everything is possible and the need to try it. We are currently working on the website as welll as looking through about 500 pictures. I am suuper excited and can't wait to share everything with you - but I want it to be good, so it might take some time =) 

I hope you like today's pictures - most of them are taken by Emma, the most talented Swedish photographer I know! I am so happy that she had time to come all the way from Stockholm to Berlin for some sightseeing, lots of food and taking pictures! I had such a nice but long weekend, I am actually super tired, but there's no time to rest - I already have a few projects coming up! Lots of love, xx

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  1. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf das Ergebnis! Sieht alles sehr professionell aus, Gratuliere!


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