Friday, March 6, 2015


Hello guys! I am quite busy working on the website for my label, but couldn't wait to share these pictures with you. When I was out and about exploring the streets of Berlin with Emma last Saturday, we came across this amazing sunset at the train station. 

We were already super tired and ready to have food and watch another romantic movie, but first we had to take advantage of the perfect lighting as well as the interesting background of a work site. That day I wore my Nike Air Force, Wolfschluckner coat, big scarf and my new bag. For sightseeing and running errands, I always wear something cosy, lots of layers and sneakers of course. As you've already seen, I got myself a brown bag from Guess, which I love to pieces! With this year's hippie trend, I thought about wearing more earthy tones as well as brown, instead of black. It is quite a decision for me, since I got used to black and almost banned everything brown from my wardrobe in the past few years, but spring/summer is slowly coming and I actually can't wait to leave all black looks a little less behind.

Really hope y'all are doing fine - working on my labels website as well as making the most of my last few days before uni starts again is a bit exhausting and I could use more sleep actually. But I still feel happy about the past few weeks, me and the girls worked so hard and I can't wait to show you the result - seriously, I am going nuts over here, switching from my bed to the table looking like a little nerd with my eyes staring at the screen and drinking quite a lot of coffee. Oh well. I always wanted to be more geeky, mission accomplished! xx

jeans - Gina Tricot
scarf - Zara
vest - Zara
sunnies - Ray Ban
bag - Guess


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