Wednesday, February 11, 2015


'I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head.'

I'm home! Back at my parents place for a few days where the weather is super cold and snowy! I got this lovely bobble beanie as a christmas present from my mum, who made it by herself of course. When I was at school we strangely never really did knitting, it was really all about sewing, so I am really bad at it, but I love to do it anyway. I just knit until I make a mistake and my mum has to fix it =P When it comes to knitting or handicraft in general, my mum is an absolute pro, so I was super impressed when she handed over this beanie to me which took her like two days to make! I instantly thought of taking pictures with it once there'll be real first snow and when I got back to Austria on Sunday, a magical winter wonderland was already waiting for me. I paired the beanie with a green pullover with leather sleeves, overknees and to make my superhero-look complete, this black cape I borrowed off my mum! Its such a perfect and casual look for running errands in the city or coffee dates with your besties.

Being in my hometown is always the perfect occassion to meet a few old friends and just hang out with my family and sisters to tank up new energy. As I told you, February will be a super busy month for me and my coats, so it makes sense to just relax before everything gets started. It is funny how I used to have this love-hate relationship with my hometown, since its tiny and there's not much to do if you're not really into hiking, skiing or any other kind of sports you can do in the mountains. Since I've been living in bigger cities, I appreciate the nature we've basically got right in front of our house even more and sometimes even crave for pure air when in Berlin. It really is like they say, once you've left your parents house and the place you grew up, you get all excited about coming back every once in a while. It is like diving into memories and rethinking your childhood, your early teens and significant experiences.
I hope you're all doing fine, if you're in your semester break right now, I'd love to hear what your plans are! Happy Humpday and lots of love from Austria xx


  1. Die Mütze steht dir ausgezeichnet und das Blazercape ist der Hammer! Gefällt mir wie immer hervorragend!


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