Sunday, February 1, 2015


Everyday I get a little bit closer, one day I'll be there
Everyday I get a little bit older, wish I'd came prepared
One day I'll be a little bit bolder, and wiser, and kinder
One day I will

Okay, so first of all, sorry for taking this blogging-holiday on such short notice. I didn't intend to not blog during finals but somehow my body ended up striking Saturday evening after work. I was actually feeling quite good in the past two weeks and wasn't ill for .. well .. two weeks, but turns out I just ignored my body. So the doctor told me to work as less as possible and I completely banned myself from using Instagram, Facebook and my blog. 

I couldn't stop working for uni obviously. Although it was only a week, I already missed it on the second day but not thinking about posting anywhere was quite relaxing. I really filled up my batteries, wrote down ideas for LOC and worked on future cooperations. The problem is, that I am that kind of person who wants to do all at once and gets easily bored of breaks. When I came home from the doctors and knew I wouldn't have to work as I had a sick note, I thought 'well instead of working in the store, I could finish my next coat.' But I still remember last year in December, when I had the same issue and did that, it didn't work out and I was sick two weeks later again. So this time I just slept. For two days. 

I finished my first semester of uni on Friday and the past five months were overwhelming. Now I've got time to concentrate on my blog and my coats. As my LOC partner in crime Sarah keeps telling me 'baby steps girl, baby steps'. I always put too much pressure on myself, want to help everybody, work more on LOC, for uni, in the store, earn more money, go out, have fun, shoot my coats asap and on top go visit my friends and family abroad as often as I can. But honestly, this isn't working and I think (or I hope), I finally realized that. Michael Bernard Fitzgeralds 'I Will' is stuck in my head for more than a week now and these lines I quoted above describe my dilemma of wanting to do all at once quite good. But seriously, everyday I get a little bit closer to my dreams and goals and one day I'll be there. No doubt about it. It just takes a hell of a time and there's no need for me to be insecure and question everything while being on the road. Until then, I will try to do my best but rest when it's needed.

I hope you'll like today's pictures - it's all about grey and monotonous days in Berlin and my new hat! xx

platform shoes - Mango
pants - Mango
coat - borrowed off Geena / H&M
scarf - c/o New Look
bag - Zara


  1. perfect winter look

  2. Der graue Hut ist wirklich toll, und der Schal mit den verschiedenen Farben steht dir ausgezeichnet! Das ist wieder ein gelungenes Outfit!

  3. Tolles Outfit! Und der Schal ist wunderschön :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana


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