Wednesday, February 4, 2015


'This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.' - Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

I don't know when I first found out that there are people who work in a company that provides color trend forecasting, customized colors and basically help other companies with their corporate identity. It's such an interesting topic, because as a fashion designer you need to have a certain feeling for what people might want to wear in one or two years, but I think it must be even more difficult to think of one specific color that works with fashion, beauty, interior and so on.

I remember back in 2012 when Tangerine Tango was all the rage and I got myself little 'Morange', a lipstick by MAC which is still one of my favorites for summertime. In 2013 Emerald hit the stores, which looks royal and grown-up, but since I am not much into green anyway I kind of let it slip away. Next color update - Radiant Orchid, a charming shade of purple. I however think that not many people can pull of purple, including me. I tried on a few radiant orchid pieces but it just didn't work out. 2015 though might be my year, as Marsala, a mix between red, brown and burgundy (that's how I'd describe it) is the new color of the year and I am really into it! After getting myself a lipstick in this similar shade, I had to get my hands on this amazing jumpsuit by H&M Trend. It's backless, super comfy and works with everything! I paired it a little more business-y, with my favorite black vest, furry clutch and little blue heels. Hope you like todays pictures, and comment if you've already found a little something in Marsala for yourself as well! I also have googly eyes on this little Essie nailpolish called Shearling Darling ;-) 

At the moment I am in total holiday mood; I sleep until 10 which is really long for me, hang out with the girls and just relax and spend way too much money. In between I am working on my coats - we've had our very first Wolfschluckner meeting yesterday afternoon and I couldn't be happier about my team! This is going to be major! February will be a suuuper stressful month but it will be worth it! =) Hope you're all doing fine! xx 

heels - Pitarello
jumpsuit - H&M Trend
vest - Mango
bag - Asos


  1. Einfach nur toll, der Jumpsuit in Marsala das Gilet darĂ¼ber und die blauen Heels dazu genial! Sieht wirklich super aus!

  2. perfect look


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