Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hello hello! How are you guys? I am super excited to announce a giveaway on tiny LOC blog today! If you follow me for a while, you might remember that I teamed up with Time For Wood last year to show you one of their amazing wooden sunnies (see the whole look here). This year, we've decided to work on a Giveaway together. When I was little, I was always outside playing with my sisters and friends - I was quite into nature and I love that now that I am into fashion there are companies who combine those two things. I have already told you about my love for wooden accessories, such as bags, sunnies or mobile phone cases, and I am beyond happy that I can share this with you today and even give away one of their sunnies to one of you! 

While last year, Time For Wood's sunnies where out of only one material, this year they made several layers to combine for example bamboo with walnut. It sounds crazy but it looks so cool! My absolute favorite is Balano, made of oak and walnut. The shape is perfect and it looks edgy, dark and cool - I already knew how I would pull it off =) oh my. So anyway, to enter the giveaway, please

you must be a Follower of my blog on either Facebook or Instagram
and comment below with your name, e mail address and which model you would like to get!

That's it! The giveaway is open until next week, 25th February and for all my German, Austrian and Swiss readers! Good luck!!

You might have noticed that I am super motivated to try out new things on LOC - such as new kinds of posts and playing in Photoshop almost every night. Having your own blog or running your own business can be so much fun, as you obviously are your own boss. You are stylist, journalist, photographer, editor, layouter, ... at once and if you want to change everything or even abandon everything, it is totally up to you! I hope you still like my articles, with uni and working on my label, inspiration totally gets me and I can really see Lackofcolor change - but in a good way. Todays article is all about nature and spring. I got myself this Guess bag last week as I didn't want to wear my black Michael kors all the time and think dark brown is a perfect change for spring anyway. Together with all the flowers I received and wearing some furry pink garments it makes a girly, yet cool look for the upcoming season!

I am actually really tired right now, as we had our first fitting for Wolfschluckner yesterday afternoon and I already freaked out a little bit - but nothing that chocolate and coffee couldn't fix! Have a great Humpday guys - don't forget to enter the giveaway, otherwise I'll keep the sunnies myself! ;-) xxx


  1. Carina Peterseil - - Balano :)

  2. ebenseekinder versammeln sich..;)

    nadine gradischnig,

  3. Anna berns - - zavilo :-)

  4. Christopoulou Chara / / Zavilo �� absolutely
    -just followed you on both Facebook and Insta and discovered a beautiful blog

  5. Christina Pucher,
    balano ;)

  6. Tolle Tasche gefällt mir wirklich gut. Der Rosa Touch steht dir ausgezeichnet! Schöne Bilder!!

  7. Sabrina Prohaska, balano
    ich will sie haben, unbedingt!!

  8. Patrick Prohaska,, balano

  9. Gregor Kolb,
    Balano =)

  10. Katja Lehner, Zavilo :)

  11. Petra Vogl,, erino small :)

  12. thank you everyone for joining the giveaway and your sweet comments all the time :) xx


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