Thursday, January 22, 2015


Good good morning! How are you guys today? I hope you're as motivated as me, and if you're in between your exams, stay strong and think about the upcoming holidays or semester break ;-) I got up quite early this morning as I have a lot of work to do today before going to uni and ticking off the next exam of my to do list. Before that I really wanted to share with you this springish outfit we shot the other week where the weather was amazingly wam and I could smell spring already. Unfortunately right now it's all grey and super cold .. so I guess I have to wait a little longer to wear this combination again. I teamed up with Shpock, an app that is like a virtual flea market where you can both sell and buy stuff. From vintage items to second hand furniture or new clothes where the label is still on, you really have to browse through the App but in the end you can find amazing treasures. Just like me. I spent hours and hours on Shpock to find this Zara skirt that looks quite vintage and it was never worn before! Of course I had to get my hands on it and bought it straight away. Since I am a long pullover over skirt-lover I just threw on my black turtleneck, added little cute heels and a hat on top. What do you think? This outfit is a little oldschool, reminds me somehow of Chanel and that is why I chose my vintage Valentino bag and a few tulips as an accessory. Hope you like today's spring inspired outfit and make sure to get Shpock for your Iphone or Android, its worth a try, trust me =) 

Besides dreaming of holidays and spring I was lucky enough to attend the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards two days ago and if you follow my social media or swing by LOC regularly you might already know. It was a great event and I was super happy to see so many familiar faces again - of course mostly Stylighters, since I worked there, but also a few bloggers. You know I am not much of a party girl but every once in a while even I like to have a wild night, although it happened to be in between my exams. Yesterday Anni and me had a delicious brunch in Mitte and then just stayed home and relaxed. It was a much needed day for me to rest but now I have to go back to work and stay strong for another week! Have a great day lovlies! xx

little heels - Ullmann Fashion Trading
pleated skirt - Zara via shpock
turtleneck - Zara
bag - vintage Valentino
hat - H&M


  1. Das sieht wirklich sehr gut aus und steht dir exzellent! Besonders die Farbe von dem Rock ist toll.

  2. look so that skirt and shoes! So cute!


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