Sunday, January 11, 2015


I have never been tagged before (or at least I wouldn't know), but this week I got tagged twice. First for the Liebster Award - thanks a lot to my girl Carina from Modelirium for tagging me - I am ready to answer your questions :-) And then my girl Meichy from Stilblüten tagged me to tell you seven random facts about myself. I am happy to do both in one post and hope you'll like it =)
Also, I would like to nominate the following girls, to tell 7 random facts about themselves as well :-) 

1. Something no one knows about you
Whenever I am super stressed and feel like my problems are overwhelming I scream 'danceparty' and force myself to get up and dance. But I have to admit that I am not a dancer. I dance weird, awkward and only with people I really love. Unless it's waltz with a super hot guy.

2. How do you react to rain after a car wash
I don't wash my car - I just wait for the rain to do it ;-)

3. What's something you've always wanted to do
 go to a drive-in cinema

4. What should be in everyone's closet
a simple white blouse

5. Three things that make you happy
flowers, pancakes with lots of fruits, a sunny day in fall

6. What do you find particularly important in other people?
they have to be funny, dreamy and know what they want

7. Who would you like to meet someday?
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

8. Cats or dogs?

9. What is a book everyone should have read?
'Vincent' by Joey Goebel and 'White Nights' by Dostoyevsky

10. In what way do you resemble your parents?
I see something good in every situation and I am empathetic just like my dad; what mum handed over to me was her love for fashion and creating/sewing :-)

11. What are you most scared of?
heights. I've been working on it though and even went to a high-wire park with my girls a year ago, but at 20 metres (65 ft) I had to stop and turn around cause I was about to cry ;-) 


1. I did Karate for more than ten years
2. I love to iron as it really calms me down
3. I hate my tiny little hands
4. I need a lot of me-time
5. I could probably talk in lines of several songtexts a whole day
6. super tall women scare me (like 6ft 3)
7. when receiving a compliment I would rather hide under my blanket than respond


  1. Tolle Antworten, man bekommt einen Einblick in deine Persönlichkeit!

  2. Wundervolle Bilder und der Post hat richtig Spaß gemacht zum Lesen :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

  3. Nice hat!! Pretty ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  4. thanks girls for your sweet comments :) xx


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