Thursday, January 22, 2015


Good good morning! How are you guys today? I hope you're as motivated as me, and if you're in between your exams, stay strong and think about the upcoming holidays or semester break ;-) I got up quite early this morning as I have a lot of work to do today before going to uni and ticking off the next exam of my to do list. Before that I really wanted to share with you this springish outfit we shot the other week where the weather was amazingly wam and I could smell spring already. Unfortunately right now it's all grey and super cold .. so I guess I have to wait a little longer to wear this combination again. I teamed up with Shpock, an app that is like a virtual flea market where you can both sell and buy stuff. From vintage items to second hand furniture or new clothes where the label is still on, you really have to browse through the App but in the end you can find amazing treasures. Just like me. I spent hours and hours on Shpock to find this Zara skirt that looks quite vintage and it was never worn before! Of course I had to get my hands on it and bought it straight away. Since I am a long pullover over skirt-lover I just threw on my black turtleneck, added little cute heels and a hat on top. What do you think? This outfit is a little oldschool, reminds me somehow of Chanel and that is why I chose my vintage Valentino bag and a few tulips as an accessory. Hope you like today's spring inspired outfit and make sure to get Shpock for your Iphone or Android, its worth a try, trust me =) 

Besides dreaming of holidays and spring I was lucky enough to attend the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards two days ago and if you follow my social media or swing by LOC regularly you might already know. It was a great event and I was super happy to see so many familiar faces again - of course mostly Stylighters, since I worked there, but also a few bloggers. You know I am not much of a party girl but every once in a while even I like to have a wild night, although it happened to be in between my exams. Yesterday Anni and me had a delicious brunch in Mitte and then just stayed home and relaxed. It was a much needed day for me to rest but now I have to go back to work and stay strong for another week! Have a great day lovlies! xx

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Good morning and happy Sunday to all you tiny LOC readers! I am highly motivated today as the sun is up and I finally get to share these pictures with you! It's all about that skirt from H&M's trend collection and brings you back to the good old 50s. When I saw this skirt for the first time, I instantly knew I had to pair it with my little red heels and a fabulous lipstick - turns out 'Retro' just hit the MAC stores and pairing these items with a stripey crop top seemed right in every kind of way. While shooting we listened to what is my favorite Sunday motivation music - Electro Swing. If you use Spotify, just search for 'The Electro Swing Revolution - Essential Tracks', make yourself a cup of coffee and just relax and what I like to do: sit on my window-sill and watch the people on the street. Hope you like the pictures - I am so in love with the atmosphere we could capture! 

Besides studying and working I am planning on how to survive next week. Tomorrow me and the girls will be on the loose as its time to get some inspiration at several Fashion fairs. Especially for me, as a future designer-to-be it is super interesting to see what buyers like to keep in mind when ordering. It's also Fashionweek but I am not sure on whether to attend any shows or not - I'd love to but I guess it will be quite stressful as I've got my final exams starting on Tuesday. Anyway, I told you I'll be attending the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards and I am dying to show you what I'll be wearing! Stay tuned and follow my social media for updates =) Also, my most favorite STYLIGHT girl Anni will be in town as well and I can't wait to see her - it's been six months! And that is only the first three days .. oh my =) Hope you had a great weekend so far! Lots of love, bisous

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I have never been tagged before (or at least I wouldn't know), but this week I got tagged twice. First for the Liebster Award - thanks a lot to my girl Carina from Modelirium for tagging me - I am ready to answer your questions :-) And then my girl Meichy from Stilbl├╝ten tagged me to tell you seven random facts about myself. I am happy to do both in one post and hope you'll like it =)
Also, I would like to nominate the following girls, to tell 7 random facts about themselves as well :-) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


'I like big knits and I cannot lie'
The best thing about christmas wasn't just the food and spending time with my family, but more receiving this amazingly huge pullover my mum made all by herself. I have always wanted to have one of these oversized knitted pullovers in a light color that keeps your whole body warm, and I must admit that I always knew how to style it. Since I am a big 'The Row' fan and absolutely loved their 2014 fall collection, where they showed off gorgeous oversized jackets, lots of layering and just neutral colors, I knew I had to kind of recreate this. So I paired my new pullover with some black culottes, a pair of brogues and my beloved MK and have never been happier with a look and the pictures that turned out. I hope you like today's post as well =)

Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop, all cuddled up in this huge pullover drinking tea and working on uni stuff since finals are in about two weeks. I must admit that I thought christmas break would be much longer, which is the reason why I am now a bit unsatisfied with myself. You know when you planned to do so many things and you end up doing nothing but relaxing? I definitely needed some time to rest but now I really have to get up and work! January is always a month with a lack of motivation but I am trying to fight against this by rewarding myself every once in a while with some sale shopping ;-) Bought myself the most amazing felt loafers and can't wait to show them to you, so stay tuned! Happy Humpday! xx

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy 2015! I know, it's the third already but some people are still not over the fact that last year's over and we have the chance to start from scratch. I am really bad with resolutions, so I am not going to have any, but set a few goals instead. My very first goal was already achieved yesterday, when lovely Phil of pipdig installed my new layout and I couldn't be happier about it. I wanted to change my layout for months already and thought about moving to Wordpress as well, but I am a blogger girl, so I'm gonna stick to Blogger, at least for the next few months =) And with the new layout there is the goal to improve my photography skills and try more in terms of outfits on LOC! I love sharing my simple daily outfits with you, but I have always loved to dress up differently and shoot pictures. So here's a new outfit post with this amazingly cool leopard dress. To add a little bohemian chic I wore my black fedora and to top it all off I bought pink roses as an accessory. Really hope you like the pictures - the lighting turned out to be amazing and it was so much fun to get back into the cold for shooting =)

Besides going back to my blogging and working routine I am trying hard to consider the fact that finals are in a few weeks. January is such a weird month. Most of the people I know feel hungover every day, and not because of too many drinks the night before, but more because December was all about fun, family and spending quality time with your beloved ones, while January is all about work. At least in my case. So what I have to do is get out of my PJ's and start working on my to do list =) I really hope your motivation isn't as lost as mine, and I hope you have a great weekend! I am now off to work!  xx
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