Wednesday, January 7, 2015


'I like big knits and I cannot lie'
The best thing about christmas wasn't just the food and spending time with my family, but more receiving this amazingly huge pullover my mum made all by herself. I have always wanted to have one of these oversized knitted pullovers in a light color that keeps your whole body warm, and I must admit that I always knew how to style it. Since I am a big 'The Row' fan and absolutely loved their 2014 fall collection, where they showed off gorgeous oversized jackets, lots of layering and just neutral colors, I knew I had to kind of recreate this. So I paired my new pullover with some black culottes, a pair of brogues and my beloved MK and have never been happier with a look and the pictures that turned out. I hope you like today's post as well =)

Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop, all cuddled up in this huge pullover drinking tea and working on uni stuff since finals are in about two weeks. I must admit that I thought christmas break would be much longer, which is the reason why I am now a bit unsatisfied with myself. You know when you planned to do so many things and you end up doing nothing but relaxing? I definitely needed some time to rest but now I really have to get up and work! January is always a month with a lack of motivation but I am trying to fight against this by rewarding myself every once in a while with some sale shopping ;-) Bought myself the most amazing felt loafers and can't wait to show them to you, so stay tuned! Happy Humpday! xx
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