Friday, September 5, 2014


Berlin! As I've proudly announced on my social media, I took the pictures for my room tour last week as I still had holidays and lots of time. I've been living in Berlin for almost two weeks now and it felt like home from the first day on. The reason could be my amazing room in this amazing flat, in this city that offers just everything, or my lovely flatmates ;-) . I guess it's all together! I wanted my room to be super cosy but it should also have a part where I can concentrate and work for tiny LOC blog, sew and work for uni of course. I don't really use Pinterest as I am too lazy, but if you follow some interior designers on Instagram, you're definitely prepared when it comes to furnish a room. Most of my furniture is from either my parents or sisters; especially my pink little wardrobe is a super old one from my parents when they were my age. 

Honestly, it's a little weird to do a room tour 3.0, as that means, I've been moving three times within my blogging career which lasts about 2.5 years now. Crazy, but I think I'll never get tired of moving and discovering new cities, as long as I've got a place/room of my own where I can come back and be all by myself =) I'm all touchy again today, haha! 

I hope youre all doing fine and you're enjoying the last bits of sunshine in September! The weather is pretty good in Berlin, what are your plans for the weekend? xx
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