Sunday, August 31, 2014


NOT. You might have seen this amazingly beautiful oldschool leather jacket on my Instagram already. In this case, new isn't always better (referring to HIMYM of course!) cause it's a quite old biker jacket from my mum and she gave it to me about a month ago cause I desperately wanted an oldschool-bomber-biker-kinda-jacket ;-) The shoulders are quite bulky, in fact, the whole jacket is super bomber but the different shades of brown and the totally used look make it such a special piece. Because of that, I decided to pair it all simple with a long black dress, loafers and my RayBan sunnies. I love a good vintage item, and this jacket might become my new fall favorite as fashion this season is all about brown! I'm not much into brown but lately my heart skips a beat whenever I see something brown, mocca, or beige colored =) What do you think?

Talking about new is always better - for me, uni starts tomorrow and I am as excited as I think I was when I was a little dwarf starting school more than ten years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get a colourfully decorated cardboardcone filled with sweets and small gifts, that kids usually get on their veryfirst day of school, but I'm still happy and motivated to start from scratch again. It's funny how I am still excited about lots of things, such as breakfast this morning, as Sundays are always my 'fancy breakfast' kinda days where I skip the porridge and get myself croissants and stuff. I've been living in Berlin for a week now, and I've been excited about everything. We went out playing table football this week and I haven't done this in years so I was all excited, as well as going climbing with my flatmates made me happy like a little clam! To be all honest, I wasn't really in the mood to blog this week (although I did it), as I just wanted to settle down and not think about work/blogging. It worked out pretty good, I had such a busy but fun week and now that uni starts tomorrow (and I'll be surrounded by people working in Fashion), I am preeeetty sure, I'll be constantly thinking about the blog, get inspired and work work work! 

I hope you all had a great week / weekend, thank you guys for always motivating me and see you soon on tiny LOC blog =)  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With my girl Anni living in New York and me checking her Instagram on a daily basis, I am constantly dreaming about going there in the near future. Unfortunately, I had no time to visit her this summer, but thought about a New York-ish outfit that I would have worn. I ordered this cool NY skirt at Asos a while ago and paired it with my recent favorites - my little bag from Forever21 and the white sneakers from Zara. These accessories go with everything, and to add a little twist to the whole outfit, I decided to go with my denim blouse, which is also perfect for a day in town where it's not super warm. 

It's already day five in Berlin and I am such a happy clam and always kinda busy exploring the city with my flatmates. I still had no time to shoot a room tour and a new outfit straight from Berlin but I'll make sure to do this asap! I am already on the go, not much time to blog this week but I'll be back on track on Monday when uni starts and I'm having a normal routine again! Happy Humpday! xx

Sunday, August 24, 2014


'We always rearrange a dream, when it is not a success'
So I'm now based in Berlin, as you can see from my pretty instagram shots. I dunno why, but it's a big deal for me, and probably also for my friends as I got this lovely girly t shirt from Liebeskind Berlin from one of my besties Amy - which I  turned into a cool Berlin-ish outfit for you guys. We shot these images back in Austria, because there wouldn't have been any time to do it in Berlin. After a nine hour journey I arrived safe and sound with my parents and A LOT of luggage in the city, but now, 24 hours later, my room is finished - who would have thought? I'm so gonna do a room tour as soon as possible, as I love everything about my new home. There are still some bits missing, but I've got pretty much everything I need to survive ;-) I should probably don't think too much about living here for now, as it's a bit scary, and so I thought talking about dreams would be right. 

First of all, I never thought about living in Germany until I didn't get in Journalism Uni in Austria. That was in my last year of school, where everything was pretty stressful. I started studying Publicism in Vienna but soon found out that this was way too boring for me. I wasn't really happy with my studies, wanted more and applied again for this special Journalism Uni, but failed. Came home, pretty knackered and had big doubts about my choice of work and basically my whole future. I kind of thought the whole universe would tell me I should stop acting like a fool and find my 'real' passion, as writing might not be my thing. Oh well, I really tried to find something else until I realized, fashion is my passion. It doesn't have to be just writing about it, but creating it, being with it and working with other people in fashion. I gave it a last try and googled all kinds of Unis that offer studies in Fashion and found a lot: from fashion journalism or fashion, luxury & retail management to cloth design. If you follow me for a while know, you might know that I got into Uni in Berlin for Fashion Journalism, and I'm actually starting in one week already! I always knew that my passion is fashion, but I think I started a little wrong and now I'm hopefully on the right track, by just rearranging my dream, in terms of residence and uni. My life has always been in Austria, until I realized that there's so much more for me to explore. After being in Munich for nine months, I wanted to go further (as in further up north ;-) , so here I am, next stop: Berlin. I am all excited and scared of what the future will bring, but I guess I'm all in and just have to wait and see what happens. One thing I learned in the past years is to not give up and risk something!

A quite touchy sunday post, but suddenly it overcame me! Have a great day! xx

Friday, August 22, 2014


Sometimes it feels like I haven't blogged in days or weeks because so many things happened since my last blogpost; or in today's case, it feels like days cause I had so much stuff to do and I can't believe that all this happened within two days. I did not really notice that 'moving day' would come so soon, and I always kept saying 'yeah, we're gonna do this..'  'I'll make time for you of course ..' 'we've got plenty of time left before I move .. ' but I didn't. I know, I'm not gonna be out of the world, no no, but it takes quite a while to come home or come to see my friends in Vienna, so I tried to see them as much as possible in the last few days. We went for coffees, food, talked in my house where everything's looking like a mess right now - deciding which sofa I should take with me cause it's a hard decision to whether take the beige or the snow-white one ;-) - looking through my wardrobe throwing away old pieces that brought up so many memories just like Carrie did when she moved in with Big - and we attended a poledance class together - probably the most fun and painful sport I've ever tried! =D

On top of it all, the weather was quite alright these past two days, so I leaped at the chance to wear my summer clothes again, probably for the last time. I decided to wear this green jumpsuit with a vintage brown bag, little belt to accentuate my waist and bordeaux colored heels that remind me of Autumn. I've been loving jumpsuits this summer, got myself a little selection already and love how versatile they are. You can pair them all sporty with sneakers and a casual cross-body bag, as well as put on cute heels and a lace top underneath for going out. I hope you all had a great week - my next post will be all the way up from Berlin, probably written in my pretty room, sitting on my pretty little chair with this gorgeous fake fur thingy on, there'll be a room tour of course =) Have a great great day and don't forget to follow me on Instagram - moving shots and chaos - predetermined! xx 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, I went a little mad and bought myself two designer handbags within a few days. One Karl Lagerfeld clutch that was an absolute bargain, and the one and only bag I've wanted for more than a year now - the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Satchel in black. There's something about designer shoes and bags that makes girls go a little crazy. I don't know why we all crave for designer items, but most girls I know, do. When I look through my instagram feed, it's mostly all over super expensive items where I always ask myself 'how could they afford this?'. I mean, Michael Kors is still on the list of affordable designers, as well as Karl Lagerfeld, but I had to work hard for these babies.
To be super honest with you, and I know I haven't been talking about my job in Sweden this summer a lot .. here's a little story. I've always been doing internships in summertime, almost every summer since I'm 15. They've all been in Fashion or at least Fashion-related and gave me a lot of experience, but less money. As I did two long-term internships this year, I wanted to do something different, a 'super easy' job with a wage that would blow up my bank account after all these internship-wages. Oh well .. so I worked for four weeks, six times a week, in a luxurious hotel in housekeeping, means, I was a chambermaid. Unfortunately, it wasn't as fun as it seemed to be in Manhattan Love Story, I did not meet the love of my life while wearing amazing designer items from other people (oh wait , that one time ... ;-) BUT after these four weeks, I decided to treat myself. I've been wanting this MK bag for more than a year now and spontaneously bought it last Saturday in Vienna, and guess what? It feels pretty good to work hard for something as pretty as this bag. I did a not so fancy job and got myself a super fancy handbag, that's it :) I don't want to justify myself, just point out that it's not normal for me to pay more than 300 euro for a handbag.

There was one day this week where the weather was truly amazing, so I grabbed my new Chicwish dress and paired it with black pumps that I hardly wear as I am not a pump person and my new bag. A simple hairdo that makes my hair look shorter than it is and ready for a fancy dinner with the family as my sister just finished uni and has her master's degree now. Super proud of her and what she achieved within the last few years - makes me even more excited for uni! Anyways, I've been crazy busy sewing a cape for my sister which I just finished, and now I'm ready to move! 3 days to go! Happy Humpday xx

Monday, August 18, 2014


pictures and editing by Emma Grann

My last week in Austria before moving back to Germany. This. feels. weird. When I finished school two years ago I was super happy that uni would always start at the beginning of October which means long long summer holidays, until I decided to attend this 'special hipster kinda uni' in Berlin which starts at the beginning of September, and guess what - I.can't.wait.! I've had about four weeks of holiday this summer, two at the beginning of July and two at the end of August and I can't wait to study again. I had a lovely summer as I stayed in Sweden where the weather was (sorry, it's all about emphasizing today) so I don't really mind about it being almost fall and almost time to go to uni. What are you guys up to right now? Lately, I've been wondering where all my comments had gone, so if you have something to say, I'd be super happy to read more of your lovely comments, don't hesitate to talk to me, I'm sure I won't bite =)

I still have tons of pictures left shot with Emma on my last Friday in Sweden, but I love these ones because of the lighting! This girl is a genious when it comes to finding the perfect light in pictures and I would have loved to take her with me to Germany, be my photographer day and night, haha =) We shot these  in downtown Gothenburg; I was wearing a black jumpsuit, fav. sneakers of all time, a pink beanie and three-colored jumper that remembers me of ice cream whenever I see it hanging in my wardrobe! Haha, happy Monday lovlies! xx

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Happy Saturday! I've only got a short update for you today as it's 7.30 a.m and I'm on my way to Vienna visiting some friends and my sister! My week has been quite busy, in a good way though, I went to see a lot of friends, relatives and did some intense shopping at all those interior houses we've got in lovely Austria for my new apartment in Berlin. Hope you all had a great week wherever you are =)

Here's a simple outfit I wore last Saturday on the ferry from Norway to Germany. It was quite warm ashore but on the ferry it was craaazy windy and cold. When I took those pictures with my mum she almost fell down because of the wind and I couldn't manage my hair so I decided to stop care about it anymore and this turned out ;-) Hope you like those funny images, I got myself a new clutch in Sweden which goes perfectly with my new red YSL lipstick, that makes me want to wear a red lippy more often. I must admit, I've been on a boat once when I was a child where it was lots of fun .. this time I felt a little dizzy and weird at some point. When my mum and I had dinner for example, the weather was really bad and the whole ferry lopsided. I was a little nervous as I've just seen Titanic a few weeks ago, but it was all fine after a few minutes, haha! I also couldn't remember how much you can actually do on those big boats. There are several shops, discos, a casino, lots of good restaurants to eat, an indoor swimming pool and in the evening there was this fun show to entertain all the guests. I felt like back in the 50s or 60s where people just relaxed at a bar, had a few drinks and enjoyed the show, cause that's what I basically did all evening, haha! All the best, xx

Thursday, August 14, 2014


This summer was different to my usual ones as I saw a lot of cities in such a short time as well as got to know amazing people from all over the world. The last summers were all about doing internships & being with my girlfriends out and about or at the lake. This year I decided to work abroad and visit a few cities always with my camera in my bag of course. After my four week stay in Varberg, Sweden, I took the bus to Oslo where my parents stayed for a few days as a holiday. They showed me around this beautiful town and I fell in love with it, as if it was the first time. My heart must be all confused as I fell in love with Dresden, Gothenburg and now Oslo - they're all by the water of course. We stayed in Oslo another one and a half days and then took the ferry to Kiel in Germany, but I'm gonna tell you more about this little adventure in another post.

Oslo looks quite big from above, as we had drinks in the Radisson Blu hotel on the 21st floor, and the view was amazing. Must admit, I've never been in a hotel bar that near to the clouds, but liked it a lot. I had a stroll around the city with my mum, checking out the shops of course and then the whole family had dinner at the opera which you can see on the second picture. Isn't this place magical? I love it's architecture, you should have seen it from the inside - on every corner there was something new to explore and I loved that you could go round the building and see almost the whole city. In the bottom of the opera house there was a slope where people just relaxed, enjoyed the sun and dangled their feet into the water, me included of course =) Hope you like my postcard from Oslo, thanks for reading and a happy Humpday! xx

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


pictures & editing by Emma Grann

I'm hooooome .. and already busy! Had a crazy long way home with the ferry and the train but will tell you more about this in one of my next posts, and arrived safe and sound on Sunday night at my parents place. Now it's time to see all my beloved ones again, including this lovely lad who is coming to my place next week (eeek!) before I'm moving to Germany and start uni.

Actually, I wanted to share different pictures with you today but couldn't wait to show you these I shot together with amazing Emma who is a Swedish blogger and photographer - her blog is amazing! I was super excited when she emailed me and we arranged to meet up on Gothenburg super early in the morning to do some pictures. Emma scouted the graffiti location as I told her I wanted something wild and different to my usual backgrounds - on the third picture you've got a great overview - students did this 'little' piece of art a few years ago and I loved it straight away. It was a fun adventure taking pictures there - I climbed up on some of these garbage cans little bit scared to fall off as well as Emma who fell into a puddle once while taking pictures =D There's not much to say about my outfit, I am head over heels in love with my Doc's and finally they are almost perfectly 'broken in' - it took me more than 6 months to get there! Paired everyting with black high waist pants and a sheer lace top with a little lacey bra underneath. I picked my fav. five shots but on Emma's blog you can see a lot more pictures! Stay tuned for another post with Emma pictures and I still have some left of Sweden! Oh my ... Happy Tuesday! xx

Sunday, August 10, 2014


pictures by Doris

I have so many pictures to show you! It's crazy how many pictures I took in the past few days, have to admit I'm a little exhausted right now but had this amazing shoot with lovely Emma today and can't wait to see the pictures! I am currently sitting in my hotel room listening to Adele (her cover of I cant make you love me is just perfect in every single way!); before that, I had a few drinks with my parents at a stunning cocktail bar on the 21st floor of Radisson Blue Hotel in Oslo. Gonna miss Cider in Austria/Germany! When you read this, I'll be on a ferry from Oslo to Kiel in Germany, where I don't have any wifi, but I'm gonna make sure to post via Instagram, at least.

Sooo .. my girl Doris and I took these pictures on our last evening in Varberg where I was wearing a white jumpsuit that was a real bargain in the last Zara Sale! It's perfect for a short beach stroll in the evening. I kept everything super simple, just added some round sunnies from H&M and there you go. The sea makes the pictures a bit more magical I guess =) Its a little weird cause to be all honest with you, I'm not a big fan of the sea at all. I loove to go jogging at the beach, I love to lie on the beach reading a good book or listening to music, but I don't really enjoy swimming in the sea - it's just too scary. I prefer a super cold lake, like the one where I grew up and already miss like crazy! That's it for today! Sorry if this post might be a bit messy but I got up at 5am in the morning and now it's almost midnight and I feel like my brain needs to recover - hope you all had a fun weekend! xx

Friday, August 8, 2014


pictures by Doris
Okay ... sooo .. my bangs definitely need a cut. If you ever want to be remembered how much time passed by, get bangs and you know it. I cut them at the end of June and didn't really style them a lot during my summer in Sweden, but when we went to Gothenburg I thought it would look cool, bangs, sneakers and a leopard dress. Well, it did look cool, but my bangs still need to be trimmed at least a bit. Can't wait for the hairdressers at home! When you read this, I will be on the train to Gothenburg, meeting up with lovely Emma for a shoot in town before I'm going to Oslo to meet my parents. So my time in Varberg is definitely over - I still have some pictures left, stay tuned!

Todays outfit was shot in Gothenburg a week ago. I loove Gothenburg, wish I'd stayed there a little longer, but y'a know .. always keepin busy. I found this leopard almost bodycon dress at H&M a while ago and since I haven't pulled off print in a while I gave it a try. Although I took a size M so it's not too short it always rid up while walking - liiittle bit annoying but still so pretty that I'm not complaining. Hope you're doing fine - follow me on Instagram to be updated from Gothenburg, Oslo & my trip home in general! Lots of love xx

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


pictures by Doris

Good good morning guys! It's actually quite early and I'm writing this post, having coffee by my side while the sun is shining on my face. I found this blue dress in Gothenburg, it was a real bargain and I just had to get it! As I just said, it's a super early Wednesday morning and I only have two days left in Varberg, which makes me a little sad but happy at the same time. 

On one hand, when I came here, I wanted these four weeks to be over asap cause I couldn't wait to move to Berlin and start all over again, new city, new people, new uni, new chapter in life, new new new! On the other hand I didn't want my time in Sweden to rush by with me not noticing that this is an amazing opportunity and I can see parts of the world and make friends over here! So you can see I was in a weird place when I came here, and now that it's over, I remind myself on little Carmen, when I was fourteen and had a similar dilemma. Back in the days, I had my heart broken for the first time, went on holiday to Sweden with my family for a few weeks and in fall I would start Fashion School. I remember me feeling really weird, couldn't really deal with all the things that happened, feeling like this summer would change me a lot and I definitely think it has; both in 2007 and now.

I don't exactly know what changed inside me, but I had so much time to think about what I want in life and that I am at a point where I should try and live my own fantasy without thinking that others might think I'm crazy, also work hard for it and learn how to deal with problems, ups on downs and don't be that insecure anymore. I always knew what I wanted but have to admit that I struggled a bit with my decisions in the past few weeks, was really insecure and just not sure if they were the right ones and if they would led somewhere. Now I can say, I'm quite happy with what's going on and that I feel like I came to Sweden as a little girly girl walking through life with googly eyes, and now come back as a woman, knowing what she wants and how to get that. I'm writing this reeaaally touchy post today, as I know I've got more female readers (and I might be totally inspired by "I am that Girl") and maybe some of you feel the same and like to read my thoughts on being in Sweden all by myself. I worked a lot here, I got to know amazing people, I ate way too much food, that's why there are no bikini shots anymore haha =) and I feel different as well as I've got a different point of view on a few things now.

I can't wait to hear your feedback on the pictures - I am super happy with the result and hope you like them as well! I am now off to work, my last two days of work and then will head over to Gothenburg on Friday for a shoot with a Swedish blogger & photographer! Stay tuned for a few more Sweden posts, I had no wifi in the past few days, that's why everything's taking a while right now! Happy humpday! xx

Sunday, August 3, 2014


As I've told you, I am visiting a few cities this summer and I had amazing feedback on my last 'postcard post', so I thought I'd do a few more =) This time I was in lovely Gothenburg with the girls and that city is truly beautiful. Already missed being in a bigger city, having lots of old buildings around me, Zara and Starbucks are everywhere .. haha! I could definitely imagine living there for a few years! I already said that about Dresden but I just love cities near a river or the sea, it has something magical and really reassuring. Sometimes I just walk by the sea because it calms me down and its the perfect scenery for just walking and thinking. The girls and me did intense shopping and just explored Gothenburg where I shot a few pictures for you! Hope you like them - it's always fun to shoot pictures by myself as I am usually the one in front of the camera!

Right now I am sitting in front of our little house skyping my parents and writing this blogpost. Crazy how time flies, as I've only got 4 days left until I'm leaving for Oslo. My girl Doris who spontaneously came to visit me and I were at the spa today, super relaxing as always and I will really miss that when I'm back in Austria/Germany but can't wait to come home as well! I'll post the pictures of my outfit from that day in Gothenburg probably Tuesday or Wednesday =) Hope you're all doing fine and you had a great weekend! xx

Friday, August 1, 2014


pictures by Doris

I've recently teamed up with the lovely guys of Tchibo Austria to join their very first blogger parade called Stars of Accessories. There were three sunny and quite festival-y looks where I could choose one and I absolutely fell in love with those greyish chelsea boots so I just had to go for the casual look which came with a burgundy colored bag and scarf. Thanks again for the guys to send it to Sweden - I was so happy to receive the package as it's perfect for living up north! As it's quite warm as well here in Sweden I wanted to wear the scarf as a turban and browsed through the web to find some youtube tutorials on how to tie that together. I must admit, it wasn't that easy but in the end I figured it out quite well and can call me a turban pro from now on ;-) My pictures will be up on their blog as well on the 13th and I'd be happy if you'd vote for me & comment if you like my outfit, you can win a handbag so it's totally worth trying! 

I am currently sat in a café in Gothenburg, writing this post, drinking chai latte and feeling great. I took Friday off and went to Gothenburg (amazing city which is quite near to where I live) with the girls and can't wait to explore everything! It's already my last week in Sweden so I just want to make the best out of it by exploring everything and taking looooads of pictures! Stay tuned - I've already been working on a few more Sweden blogposts and can't wait to share them with you! All the best & happy weekend! xx

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