Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Although I love these pictures and this outfit, I can't get deny I am already dreaming of fall since a few days. I know it's super crazy, whilst everybody is enjoying their summer, loving the sun, being at the beach and sipping cocktails, I am already a bit in the mood for a few rainy days, trenchcoats, after work drinks and intense fall shopping. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love summer, but fall has always been my fav. time of the year. In terms of fashion, it's just the most interesting one I'd say. I love summer trends, but sometimes I just like to wear 'more', as in, great dresses, tights, heels, trenchcoats, maybe a little furry scarf, you get me. In summertime you just wear shorts and tops or a dress and sandals everyday and after about 6 weeks I get a little bored off it, or I am not creative enough with my summer wardrobe.

Anyways, in the past few posts I showed you little treasures I found in my mum's closet, and this pair of shorts is another one from designer Bernd Berger. Aren't they amazing? I absolutely love them and think they go perfect with my white blouse that I bought a few weeks ago in sale at Mango's. And since I'm not much into sandals, I wore my white sneakers that I miss like crazy here in Sweden. Wish I had taken them with me! It's good that I'm coming home next week cause I already miss my overcrowded wardrobe =) Happy Humpday! All the best, xx

Monday, July 28, 2014


THIS JACKET. When it hit the stores I was on a saving trip so didn't buy it but everytime I saw it, I definitely had googly eyes and told everyone about it. Think Anni already got crazy about me not buying it but talking about it forever - haha! My sisters then got it for my 21st birthday and I am oh so happy! Everyone that sees it, is like, it's so you! The cut is quite business-y but the pattern's got a little twist that I absolutely adore! Since I'm 16 I am head over heels for all kinds of blazers and really think that this is my new fav next to my good old bouclé one. Paired it simple and chic with some vintage high waist pants that once belonged to my mum (also got the matching blazer - eeek!) and my new heels that I got myself for my birthday. This is such a working-girl look, I absolutely love it and would hop on a few business meetings straight away!

I hope you all had a great weekend - I was super busy working and honestly a little frustrated by a few things concerning work right now but then decided to chill in one of the hammrocks at the Spa and just read. I am currently reading 'I am that girl' by Alexis Jones and although I'm only at the beginning I love it! There's this part in the Introduction that I completely fell for: 

'Life is not about picking out the parts you like and leaving the rest, its learning to coexist with all and choosing to see the beauty, the grace, and the hilarity while also experiencing the inevitable disappointment and failure.'

It's just so true, a little cheesy I know, but I can't help it! Just wanted to share this with you cause I had a few bad days and this totally reminded me of what I want and that it's important to believe in yourself but also learn how to accept and appreciate yourself for everything you do.
You can get the book here, and trust me, it's none of those self-help books, it's like talking to your bestie, really =) xx

Saturday, July 26, 2014


pictures by Kathrin

I did not know how to call this blogpost.. I sat in front of my computer while editing and "touristy" came to my mind all the time but I wanted something better and fresher .. turns out when your mind is stuck to something, you can't change it at all, even if you try. Thats the look I wore some time this week when it was really hot and I met up with lovely Kathrin! We went to the spa for aaaages and then had amazingly delicious burgers, I choose the veggie one with Halloumi - oh my god! My outfit that day: an oversized black blouse, a backpack that is absolutely necessary in Sweden when you are constantly cycling everywhere, my fav. hat from Lackofcolour Australia that I got myself for my 21st birthday and simple white platform sandals (that are currently on sale!). It's such an easy look but all black is and always will be modern, right?

As I love love love to plan things, I am currently sitting in front of a list of stuff I need to bring with me to Berlin. I know, I'll be moving in less than four weeks but still .. I love to plan everything in advance. Already planned to meet lots of friends when I'm coming home, go swimming, meet my sister in Vienna, have a baby party with some friends from school etc. Anyways, I am surfing the web all over to find nice and affordable things for my new apartment and found this , which are lots of pillows; and I really want my future bed to be all over cosy pillows in different sizes! So tempted to buy it straight away =) Have a great great weekend readers!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


In Summertime I love to wear white, beige, nude, all those creamy, kinda earthy and coffee-look-a-like tones. In todays outfit I'm wearing my beige leather skirt I got months ago but never really knew how to pair it until I got this t shirt from my mum and both go perfectly together. You might think it's super easy to pull off this skirt but it wasn't for me. Simple white and black t shirts were okay but I was not really satisfied. Together with the look I'm wearing my Aldo flats that are extremely comfy and to add a little color a patterned clutch bag from Bershka. I love the simplicity of this look, you can wear it to all kinds of occassions and just change bag and shoes if you want to go for a more posher look - it's all up to you!

While I'm writing this, I am sitting at the beach, eating ice cream and watching the sunset (sunset in Sweden means, it's between 9 and 10 pm - craaaazy!) - so it's still super light outside! Being in Sweden made me realize how much I love to be in other countries and explore them, don't really mind being on my own most of the time and that I definitely want to travel more! So I'll arranged to go meet my parents in Oslo after my stay here, my dad who is a travel genius booked a great hotel and shared all his travel information with me as I really want to go to visit my girl in Kavita in Fall. I am currently looking for some places to stay in London with Venere, if you have any recommendations - please let me know =) All the best, xx

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


pictures & editing by Alma Bengtsson
The lovely team of Triangl sent over one of their amazing bikinis to Sweden, so that I could enjoy summer even more and take a few pictures for you at the beach! I've never done a bikini shoot before, maybe I'm just not that confident (that's why Im wearing pants) but this babe of a bikini just had to be shown off on LOC. I teamed up with Swedish blogger & photographer Alma who is a lifesaver in terms of my blogging here and she takes amazing pictures which you can see on her blog as well! We met on Sunday at an amazing place in little Varberg before she's heading to the UK for a few days, but when she's back you'll definitely see more of her talented photography up here =)

With bikinis, I've always been really picky. Never bought cheap ones cause I wanted to keep them for ages and I am really into quality when it comes to swimwear. So I usually buy mine at Calzedonia but fell in love with Triangl a few months ago when my Instagram Feed was all over Triangl bikinis, definitely a sign that I follow too many people working and living Fashion, haha =) Anyways, when it was my turn to choose one I didn't think too long cause I wanted a special one - so picked Billie Firefly and absolutely love it! I hope you like the pictures and Happy Tuesday and all the best! xx

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Soooo .. apparently I've been living and working in Sweden for a week now, three to go! I really love this country, I love how the people dress here, I love the weather (it's suuuper warm right now) and I love how everything smells like the sea, haha =) Could definitely live here if only my beloved ones would be with me as well! I hope you all had a great week, I gotta go to work now and then head over to do a shooting at the beach - can't wait to show you the images - stay tuned!

It's already been a while since I showed you the latest coat I made, so here it is, a really simple baby blue coat I absolutely adore! Whenever I make a coat, the first thing I think about is the color, and this time I really wanted a blue one - baby blue to be more precisely. I actually thought it would look amazing once I'm tanned, but I'd say it looks good without a tan as well ;-) It has always been like that since I finished school, that whenever I sew something I don't stick to my sketch. My sketch is always different, sometimes a little more lavish (and then I end up not having enough time or patience anymore and I change everything) and sometimes a bit too boring. So while I was sewing this coat I changed from in-seam pockets to patch pockets, from belt to no belt and of course the collar - my favorite topic. I just love coats without a collar, it makes them look so easy, sophisticated and you can always add one if you want to! I hope you like the outfit (and yes, I was actually wearing a skort underneath =) Happy Sunday! xx

Friday, July 18, 2014


pictures by Linda
After my stay in Dresden and before going to Sweden, I was in Berlin and really enjoyed being in that city again! Missed it already as the last time was weeks ago and whenever I see bits of this city I already feel at home. Stopped by my new apartment and then met lovely Linda for burgers and drinks in the evening. In between we shot these pictures of my outfit from that day! Just simply wearing my doc's, a white tee and sparkling jacket! We had asian burgers that evening and it was delicious! If you're ever in Berlin, make sure to stop by district môt, it's worth it!

I'm having today off, so I will probably head to the beach and just relax, work a bit on LOC and read 'gone girl', which I can only recommend to all of you! The movie is coming into the cinemas sometime in fall and I couldn't wait for it, so had to read the book asap! I hope you're all doing fine wherever you are :) All the best, xx

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Heyo guys! As I said, here's the whole outfit post from my all denim outfit I wore last week in Dresden. At first, I didn't think these jeans would go with this light denim jacket but in the end I really liked that combination of two different denim washings. What do you think? Gladly, I still don't own a case for my camera and so my lovely Nikon is always covered in my black beanie which is perfect in case it starts raining heavily, like last Friday ;-) Since I cut the bangs again, rain is kinda my enemy and so it's perfect to have a beanie with me nearly every day. I guess I looked really touristy that day with my all denim look, beanie and big shopper bag in case I buy something but it was perfect for a day in town, exploring the city!

Sooo .. it's already Wednesday, I am about to prepare breakfast with the best Swedish crunchy muesli ever (called Start!) and then head over to work. I had a day off yesterday and spent the time with Rachel at the Spa and having hot chocolate later on - it was really relaxing and just perfect! I still need to get used to going by bike everywhere, already have some aching muscles from jogging and cycling but it's fun and the Swedes are definitely healthy and sporty people so they always encourage you to do even more! Happy Humpday guys and thanks for reading! xx

Monday, July 14, 2014


I've decided to do something new on LOC - as I'll be visiting a few cities this summer, I thought it would be nice to prepare a virtual postcard - blogpost for you! Be gentle with me, this is the first one and I already have some improvements on my mind =) I've been to Dresden last week as you've probably seen on my Instagram and I fell in love with this city! Although most of the time it was raining, I really enjoyed all those old buildings, really big market squares and of course a city by a river is basically the dream. Water gives every city a little magical touch I'd say and Dresden really got that one! So here are a few pictures, I shot while staying there with my parents for one day! I also prepared a full outfit post for you which will probably go live wednesday =)

I am currently sat in my little wooden house in Sweden drinking coffee; it's early morning while I'm writing this and the sun is shining into my room and I would love to go to the beach straight away. I arrived yesterday afternoon after a quite long and exhausting journey (just because my suitcase was so heavy - I know, it's my fault). So today's my first day of work here and I don't know what will come but make sure you follow me and I'll try to capture the best moments here in lovely Sweden! Happy Monday! xx

Friday, July 11, 2014


You might say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. You know, I've always been really sad about only being a teeny tiny 5ft 3 as everyone in my family is quite tall; and sometimes, I look at my sisters or my mum with admiration when they wear a maxi dress or evening gown that makes you look like a princess in a fairytale. I can't deny the fact that sometimes, I am a little dreamer, dreaming about my own fairytale. In one of them I would probably wear beautifully designed maxi dresses all the time. Dresses with prints on, dresses with close-fitting waists and a wide skirt to give you an all over princess effect. (I probably watched too much Gossip Girl) But in reality, I am not that tall and maxi dresses sometimes make me look even smaller. When I found this one at Zara ages ago, I just had to get it! In the pictures I'm not even wearing shoes as I like the feeling of walking around barefoot in the grass or sand but I don't mind cause this dress is just the prettiest ever =) I don't wear it that much, but I wanted to take pictures with it in a special surrounding. Luckily, I grew up in a really nice place as I showed you in one of my previous articles and there are loads of forests and precious gardens full of colorful flowers.

I am currently writing this from my hotel room in lovely Dresden where I arrived today but will be leaving for Berlin tomorrow ;-) It's just a quick visit in between because it takes ages to get to Berlin by car and I have never been to Dresden before so its worth visiting! Unfortunately, it's super rainy and I am crazy tired, but we still want to see at least a bit of this lovely city in eastern Germany so heading for dinner and exploring the city now! I hope you're all doing well - my next post will probably be from my place in Sweden, I prepared loads of posts for you but will keep you updated via Instagram and Facebook all the time, no worries =) Have a great weekend and follow me :) lots of love and thanks for reading! xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Last Friday, my mum and I went to visit and pick up my sister who's living in Graz. We went shopping and explored the city, or it was just me who was exploring it, as both my sister and my mum obviously knew it already. I've been to Graz once but couldn't really remember the town, so I enjoyed walking through the city centre thinking about how beautiful it is. It's not that big at all, but I liked it and somehow it has a little italian flair, I'd say. I was still a little bit sick that day, so although it was super warm, I decided to have my denim blouse with me, so whenever we entered a shop, I could throw it on. This outfit was perfect for a shopping day in town. Loving those fake leather shorts I got from Anni a few weeks ago - they go perfect with my lovely Mules - what a comfy pair of shoes!

I am currently writing my packing list for Sweden as my flight's on Sunday and I'll be in Germany before, so I have to prepare everything in advance! As the weather is really bad as well, I took the time to tidy up my laptop as I recently got myself a new one (trust me, transferring 21GB music from one to another takes quite a while!) and also tidied up my phone ;-) Been really into all kinds of apps in the past few weeks and loved the new Zalando App for iOS. One can say I'm a little addicted to my phone (especially Instagram, oh my) and so it's not a surprise that I like to check new collections on my phone, but the new Zalando ones is quite interesting as you can even use their scanner to see if the clothes you view in a shop are available at their onlineshop and maybe a little cheaper ;-) I used it quite a lot, especially when I was on the hunt for some waterproof clothing for Sweden as I'll be just cycling from A to B - you should have seen me , haha =) Also, if anyone of you lovely readers is from Sweden, at best living near Varberg or Gothenburg - don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I'd love to meet up! All the best & happy Humpday! xx

Monday, July 7, 2014


So here's the whole look I wore for my little birthday celebration with the girls from back home. Everybody thought it's a jumpsuit, while it's still the good old pair of black culottes I've been loving since I bought them about two months ago and a simple black top from H&M. I got myself a new pair of heels - blue ones this time, and they're really classy I'd say. Between all those wedges & sandals that I've got, I really wanted normal classy heels/pumps, hopefully there'll be enough occassions to wear them from now on =) Maybe I also just wanted some grown-up shoes as I'm 21 by now =P This little bag with all the colorful sequins on is an old one from my grandmum and I love it! It's just so cute and oldschool and makes this outfit perfect and a little more glamorous!

So my birthday weekend is over and it's Monday again. I'm still having holidays but in my mind I'm already planning the Sweden trip! For now, I'm just gonna relax and catch up with my Austrian friends while I'm still here! Hope you had an amazing weekend! Thanks to everybody who made my birthday this amazing and thank you for all your looooovely birthday wishes! xx

Sunday, July 6, 2014


It's my twentyfirst birthday today! Yay! As you've probably seen on my Instagram, I had some girls over to celebrate with cocktails and food and can't deny the fact that I'm a little hungover now ;-) Already had the most delicious breakfast and can't wait for the cake in the afternoon, but for now I'm gonna throw on my bikini and sleep a bit in the sun =)

Just wanted to quickly show you a picture we took yesterday evening before partying, the full outfit post will go live tomorrow! Have a great day guys and follow my Instagram for delicious tarte shots and birthday celebrations!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hello lovlies! As you've probably seen on my instagram, I FINALLY got myself a pair of boyfriend jeans. If you were hanging out with me in the last two months you'd know that I've been craving for a pair of boyfriends, but never found a perfect one that looked nice and was my available in my size. Always been on a hunt with Anni after work to find one, but I was never satisfied. I gave up about two weeks ago and then saw this one at Zara on my last day in Munich and had to get it! I still think it's a little big, or it's just me who's not used to wearing jeans that low and loose. Anyways, I wanted to style them a little bohemian chic and even remind myself a little of the Olsen Twins who are next to Audrey Hepburn my fav. style icons. I've been loving jeans recently and whenever I go into a shop now, I always look at the denim section if there's a nice pair for me. Even my family noticed that I love to wear jeans more than I used to and if you want to find yourself a nice pair of skinny jeans, I've already been eyeing this one on Cecil. I still want a straight cut pair of jeans and this one's a real bargain! I paired my boyfriend beauty with black loafers, a black shirt, hat and jacket. What do you think about this casual cool combination?

Besides that I spoiled myself loads in the past two weeks (did some intense shopping, had way too much delicious food and celebrated LOC's birthday) I am now stuck in bed with a bad flu and I am quite angry about the timing this flu has. I slept the whole day to be back on track by tomorrow, as I am visiting one of my sisters in Austria and on Saturday it's my teeny tiny birthday party! I might not have told you yet, but I'm turning 21 on Sunday and it's kinda a big deal for me. 21! Whoop! Hopefully I'll feel better on the weekend as I really don't want to stay in bed on my birthday! Hope you're all doing fine guys! lots of love!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I still can't believe, that by today, I've been blogging for two years on tiny LOC blog. Sometimes it just doesn't feel real to me, that I started my blog from scratch after graduation, and didn't know anything about fashion blogs and took pictures on my balcony with my tiny Sony camera. It's funny how much can change within two years. But I don't want to look back and show you loads of pictures while telling you super cheesy stories; if you want to, you can scroll down on the right sidebar and look through my oldies, but trust me, the quality and the backgrounds are quite embarrassing and funny - however, I like to look through my old pictures sometimes, really rarely though ;-) 

Anyways, I am here to thank all of you, all you readers of lovely tiny lackofcolor blog (I don't really know why I always call it tiny loc blog, but it's still tiny and my baby, and I guess as long as I don't hit the 60K on Instagram I will still call it a tiny blog =P  ) and as a little thank you I wanted to do a special post, and a giveaway! yay!

It's my second giveaway within two years, I guess giveaways aren't that popular anymore among bloggers, but I just felt the need to say thank you for your support. So, as y'all know, I am a sucker for lipsticks. I thought it would be nice to give away one of my latest lipstick crushes - the chubby stick intense by Clinique. I recently got myself one and it's amazing for on the go. I like to have it in my handbag so whenever I feel like I need a little red lippy (or pink in my case) I've always got this handy stick with me =) I hope you'll like it as much as I do - I chose no. 6 called 'roomiest rose' - you can see me wearing it on the pictures! Hope you'll like the pictures, I wanted to do a special post for this special occassion and I looooved shooting with ballons!

To join the giveaway, all you have to do is,  follow me on Bloglovin or GFC and either Instagram or Facebook :)
+ comment below with your name and email address =)
The giveaway is open for everybody in the whole wide world and it will be closed on the 21st of July! I will e mail the lucky winner.

good luck guys and thanks a lot for reading and supporting me! xx
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