Sunday, June 29, 2014


I have never ever shown you the place I grew up - what a shame isn't it? I grew up in a really small town at an amazing lake that you can see behind ;-) The reason why I've never really taken pictures there is, it's so small that I would probably know everyone walking around while I shoot pictures, and I feel like some of them would not really understand the reasons of blogging. However, growing up in a small town by a precious lake was the best thing I could imagine. It's a love/hate relationship between me and this small town because I get easily bored of what it offers, but on the other hand I just love it cause it's pieceful, calm and not as hectic as a big city. I'm always happy to come see my parents and friends here but I'm also happy to have the chance to live and study in a big city with lots of things to see and discover. I'm telling you this, because as you all might know, I left Munich and gonna stay with my parents for two weeks before leaving for Sweden. At the moment the weather is really bad, all rainy and grey but I'm sure it will get better and then I will just relax and stay at the pool / lake and get a some tan =)

Last week's outfit shows you another headband that I recently bought at Forever21. I paired it with a light rosé dress by Asos and platform sandals I got via Zalando a few weeks ago. I'd say the combo is a little boho chic but girly at the same time. I love the light pink dress, it's perfect for a date night, having ice cream and going for a walk with your love ;-) I hope you had a great weekend, I am off to visit some friends now but stay tuned for the next article coming up on Tuesday - got a surprise for you guys! xx

Friday, June 27, 2014


Guess who went to the hairdresser's today? I'm back on the bangs-trip! After more than half a year, I decided to cut them again as I missed them a looot. There's something about this hairdo that makes you look cool and stylish straight after getting up. Don't get me wrong, I loooved my middle part, but it just looked a bit boring sometimes .. so here I am, I shot a few pictures with my phone as I am craaaahazy busy right now. My dad came by and helped me with all my stuff, furniture, clothes (!), shoes (!) and we packed the car and he just left and is gonna come again tomorrow. So I'm just sitting in my former room right now, with nothing but my laptop and my bed, writing this post and deciding whether to have pizza or pasta on my last evening in Munich. Pretty boring huh? =) Anyways, just quickly wanted to show you my new hair and hope you're having a great day so far! 

All the best, see you soon! xx

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


pictures by my mum

There are just some days where all you want to wear is black, and that's the way it is. Okay, it's not all black as I'm wearing my selfmade checked coat, but it's still not common for me as I like to wear at least one white item, especially in summer time. To be completely honest with you, I wasn't in the mood to dress up fancy last week so I decided to go all black for dinner with my mum in Munich. We walked through the city centre, did some windowshopping, had delicious pasta aaand quickly shot these pictures for you! ;-) I quite like this outfit as it's really simple, definitely not a 'trying-too-hard-kinda-outfit' but the mules and the coat make it special again. I made this coat about a year ago and as always, I already made a new one for spring / summer 2014 that you're gonna see in about a week! Can't wait to hear your opinions!

I'm having a calm last week in Munich - all I do is packing my things, trying to cook healthy dinner with the rest of my groceries as I don't want to buy anything before I'm moving out (okay, except of that amazingly good crunchy muesli!) and sort out some other stuff. Happy humpday and thanks for stepping by! xx

Monday, June 23, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Hello hello! It's my very last week at Prosieben and my very last week living in fancy Munich. I am both happy and a bit sad about moving, but moreover I can't wait to move to Berlin! I knooow, I keep repeating myself, all I talk about is me moving to Berlin but it's just all I think about - except of my birthday and tiny LOC's birthday in a week - yay - so much to celebrate! I've always loved the last weeks of June where you finish school (or an internship in my case), there's not too much work anymore, you can relax, sit outside and have a glass of wine on the balcony and then I can look forward to my birthday (I am crazy about birthdays) and soon it will be summer time, where it's sunny all day long and you just relax and make new plans for fall. I just can't wait for all those things to happen. But first things first .. I need to pack my stuff into boxes for my move.
Besides, I still haven't shown you all of my outfits I shot in Munich in the past few weeks. Today's outfit was shot at Anni's leaving brunch about a week ago on Sunday. I wanted to wear something simple, casual and added a little 50s touch to it by wearing another turban. I am crazy about turbans and I really think I'm the only one. I already have a few I couldn't survive without and I still haven't seen anyone besides me wearing turbans or at least turban-like headbands.. is it just me who loves their chic and oldschool touch? Hopefully my outfits will encourage you to try them as well - they are also good for bad hair days ;-) As everybody's wearing their tods right now, (and I don't own any )I decided to wear my bright blue Zara flats again, as it's been a while. They are super comfy and a real eye catcher!
I hope you all had a fun weekend .. I was at my parents place, doing some sports, shopping and having great girls night's with my besties from home! Happy Monday to all of you! xx

Friday, June 20, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
I'm still a little stuck in that week where Anni left for incredible New York City. We shot these pictures at her girl's night where we drank cocktails, ate the best chips aka pommes EVER and talked loads. It was really warm that day so I decided on bare legs covered in black high waist shorts, a stripey crop top and my checked bomber jacket. For going out, both Anni and me got ourselves one of those 'trio bags' - unfortunately not the Celiné one but this one is also amazing and it's intern-wage-friendly ;-) It's also really handy because of the three parts as you can put in eeeverything you need for a night out. I've always been bad with small bags that's why I like this one a lot as it's quite big for a 'small bag'. Paired the outfit with peachy heels, peachy lipstick and a simple hairdo. I decided to tie my hair together more often as I feel like it always looks the same .. (or it's just me getting bored of my hair really quickly)

Anyways, I am in Austria right now at my parents place as I didn't feel so good and got sick. Luckily my mum came to pick me up and here I am - about to go see my girls and watch Gossip Girl all night long. Can't wait to see them again, I feel like it's been ages =) What are your plans for this weekend? I need to rest a little bit and on Sunday I'll go back to Munich for another five days and then it's moving time! Crazy how time flies ... I wish y'all a great great weekend! xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
As you already know, I'm moving to Berlin in August and I couldn't be more excited about this! In my mind I'm already planning every single detail of my move and most important: planning the interior of my room. I did a room tour in both Vienna and Munich cause I am always super interested in interior posts on other blogs so I thought I'd share my home with you. As I'm moving in August I don't have anything to share with you yet, except my ideas and inspirations. I've always been a girl that loves white and clean lines when it comes to interior. As a quite happy and optimistic person I need my home to look cosy, a bit girly ;-) and happy. White stands for happy, I'd say. I've been checking tumblr loooads and as I already have some furniture that I will bring with me I just need to add a few special items, such as this cute and fluffy carpet. I've always wanted to have one of these but never had enough space in my apartments. When I was younger I've never really liked carpets and I mean, these are not the easiest when it comes to hoover them but they just look cosy and make every room a bit warmer and more relaxed I'd say. Also I am looking for a huuuge desk for all of my sewing stuff, comfy chairs with fake fur, loads of duvets, pillows, etc. You see, I am crazy about moving and decorating a new room! 
Also, I love today's outfit. As you can see on my social media or on other posts I am really into all kinds of headgear right now. Turbans or headbands are my favorite - I could wear them all the time. This grey one is from Asos and I bought it last week as I thought it's amazing for summer! I love how a hat, beanie or turban can add so much to an outfit - you can look edgy and cool within a minute by wearing a beanie - while turbans remind me of the early 50s and I looove 50s fashion. I paired my grey headband with blue jeans, a striped top, my vintage valentino baby and MULES. Yes, I hopped on the trend again and went for mules. I must admit that I always fancied them but never found affordable ones I really liked, until I saw these black ones at H&M last week and they were on sale like crazy. I just had to take them - no choice! Mules are really comfy, although I almost slipped out of one on the tube when I ran into a guy cause I was in such a hurry to get to Anni's on time. Oh well. Anyways, I've only worn them with pants yet, not sure what I will think about Mules with skirts or dresses but I'll keep you updated! Happy Humpday! xx

Monday, June 16, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Happy Monday guys! I can't believe it's Monday again .. it seems like this weekend passed by so quickly that I don't even have time to think about everything that happened. I had to say goodbye to Anni, who became one of my best and closest friends in Germany in the past three months. It's crazy how we only know each other for such a short time and she instantly became my Munich based bestie! We just clicked and it felt so good to have someone to share your passion with! It wasn't just about blogging, we had so much fun in the past three months and I am honestly really sad about her leaving to NYC (incredible, right?) and me leaving for Sweden and then moving to Berlin. But we'll see each other every once in a while and definitely stay in contact .. just right now it's a little overwhelming cause I feel like everybody I got to know and hold onto in fancy Munich is leaving or has already left and I'm the one who stayed the longest .. but that's the way it is and I'm starting a new chapter in Berlin - can't wait!
Talking about THE outfit. I found this skirt at H&M in sale (they've got amazing pre sale right now) and combined it with black items and my favorite three colored wedges. I love them to pieces, they look amazing but honestly, they are not suuuper comfy as I still ned to kind of 'break them in'. So right now I am searching for a casual and cool variation for this outfit combo - we're talking FLATS. While I've always loved dressing up and wearing heels (or wedges) cause I am such a small girl, I think in the past year I almost got over me being not as tall as all of my family members. I am finally happy to wear flats. So for today's combo I am looking for some nice espadrilles (not the chanel ones, nope!). I found these on Tamaris and I am really tempted to buy them straight away - what do you think, don't they look amazing? I hope you're all doing fine and have a great evening guys! xx

Saturday, June 14, 2014


pictures by mumy 
Happy Saturday lovlies! I wanted to get up super early today to go for a run, clean the apartment, blog and then meet lovely Anni as it's her last weekend - BUT, my weak body told me to get some more sleep as I didn't sleep that well and enough in the last few days - there was just too much work and stuff to think about and organize. Luckily, I am now ready to go jogging after finishing this blogpost and then work on my To Do List for today! What are your plans for the weekend? I have only two weeks left in fancy Munich, on the one hand I am really excited about it but on the other hand also a bit sad, especially cause Anni's leaving tomorrow and I might be lost without her ;-)

Today's outfit is about one of the most amazing dresses I've ever seen. I absolutely love everything about this dress. It's pure perfection! The cut of the skirt is so cute and really flattering as well as the top part. I paired it with red little heels I borrowed off my sister as I tought some color would be nice. That's it for today! Keeping it short and thanks a lot for all your cute comments on my latest blogposts - so happy you liked them! xx

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


pictures by mumy
Of course I still have a few shots left from last weekend which I spent at home with my parents and one of my sisters ;-) As it was incredible warm I was always wearing a bikini and in the evening I changed for either a dress or shorts. That day I wore printed shorts and this lovely top by Sheinside I was longing for for ages. Unfortunately Sheinside takes quite a while to deliver, but when you get your stuff you are more than happy with it - the quality is not aaaamazing but the price is! I love it for trend-shopping. I prefer to have basics that are better quality but for trend clothing I don't really mind if it's cheaper, especially when you're on an intern-wage. I paired everything with yellow accessories and YES I am wearing sandals even though I am not a sandal-fan. When it's super hot outside you can't go with sneakers or ballerina flats. So I am slowly getting into wearing more sandals and I think by the end of this summer I'll love them. It's just me being weird about my feet or feet in general that I don't really like them to be seen by anyone but me. (I know, I can be a freak)
I am at work right now, it's actually my lunch break but I am so motivated to work on LOC today - I just had an amazing and super interesting social media wrap up at Prosieben and it really motivated me to blog, post on Instagram and all that good stuff we use on a daily basis. Hope you're all doing fine and maybe some of you have time to enjoy the lovely weather outside! Happy Humpday! xx

Monday, June 9, 2014


pictures by my sister

I have been a bit lazy in these past few days and I have mixed feelings about it. I was at home with my parents and sister, with who I've been working on our summer tan almost every day (mission NOT completed - still white as always) ;-) All we did was lying in the sun, reading books (I can only recommend to all of you, white nights by Dostojewski) swimming in the pool and we did a short bike tour which wasn't short at all so my bum is hurting like craaazy today - but in a good way as I haven't done sports in a while ;-) I feel really relaxed but of course my mind never shuts up so there was enough time to think about changes for LOC, my move to Berlin (forgot to tell you that I 'finally' have an amaaazing room in a shared flat now - SO happy!) and some other things :)  For all those casual and lazy occassion I wore something really casual as well. I found those pants in my wardrobe at home and almost forgot about them as they have a weird cut and I'm not sure if I find it flattering or not. Anyways, I paired them with a white bandeau top from H&M (the really cheap ones but I love them to pieces!) and my fav. summer accessorie - a turban. This one's from Asos and it's perfect as it goes with everything. Stripes are just cool and with the pattern of the pants the look is even more interesting. What do you think?

I hope you all had a great weekend as well - I'm gonna go for a run now (today's a holiday as well) and then again lie in the sun and hopefully get some tan before I leave so I don't look as pale and unhealthy anymore ;-) Hope you'll like the post - I'll promise to keep updating the blog more often this week! All the best, see you soon! xx

Friday, June 6, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Okay .. I'll admit, my latest crush in terms of music is the new Paolo Nutini album. Seriously, how amazing is 'scream' ? Not only that this guy and his voice are quite hot ;-) , this song just makes you feel happy and good within a minute. You know I had a few bad days but when I posted my last blogpost and read all of your comments, especially Jana's I had to smile and instantly didn't feel that sad and alone anymore. I reminded myself on the good things and seriously, I've got so much to be thankful for so there's no need to worry about anything! Coming back to this song, which is constantly on repeat on my IPod at the moment as it's the perfect pre-summer song. YES, I call this peroid of time pre-summer as I am still not sure about how long it will actually stay warm. BUT I can't wait to go home this weekend, to lie in the sun, hopefully get tanned and listen to Paolo Nutini. It's Fathers Day in Austria so I'll spend time with my family, which means relaxing in the sun, reading a good book and just chat.
Today's outfit is as simple as everything feels right now. I wore skinny black pants, a white blouse and my new bargain buy from H&M - this light oversized denim jacket for only ten euros. It's the perfect jacket for mild summer days and I always wanted to have an oversized one. As it's slowly getting warmer (hello predicted 25 degrees for today!) it's no longer sneakers weather, and so I picked these black heels that are really comfy, if you wear them with gel pads (I can only recommend you to do this with all of your sandals!). I love this simple outfit and also tried a 'different' and 'new' make up. In summertime I love it when girls walk around wearing only mascara or no make up at all, but  for me, I still need to get used looking like aged 12 ;-) It's my challenge for the next few weeks to wear less make up and maybe even do a no-make-up post soon on LOC. Anyways, we took these pictures yesterday evening when I was out and about with Anni and Lauren to say a final goodbye to Lauren as she's moving to the UK. It feels weird saying goodbye to all the girls and I feel sad about not seeing them for a long time from now on. But we'll all stay in touch and make sure to visit each other every once in a while! Have a safe flight Lauren and happy Friday to all of you! xx

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Finally a new post! I have to say that the past four days were pretty bad for me and I wasn't really in the mood to work on anything, including LOC. I feel a bit bad about it cause my blog is my baby and I'm really sorry but when you have a bad day, (or a few bad days) you just want to listen to music and lie in bed thinking about the world, your life, goals and make plans for the future. That's mainly what I did in the past few days except of my internship of course. But I am back on track with this outfit that I wore yesterday - look at those black culottes, aren't they amazing? I love love love them since I saw similar ones on intothefoldfashion and checked up on pinterest nearly every day. I was browsing through all of my fav onlineshops but didn't find any nice ones so I just waited and three weeks ago, as I was looking for a new outfit for the Stylight party I found these black ones at H&M and had to get my hands on them immediately. They were a bit too big so I altered them and now they fit and I am super happy! I think they will be my new go-to piece for casual summer evenings so stay tuned for more outfits!

I paired my pants with a simple black tee and black casual wedges. Thanks to Anni and her latest lipstick crush  I trundled out 'diva' by MAC and again fell for it. In the past few weeks I've been loving to have pink, orange or peach lips but when she became completely obsessed with really, really dark lips I couldn't help myself but wear mine again and I think it's perfect for this outfit. That's it for today - hope you like the pictures! Happy Humpday! xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014


pictures by
Hey guys! Currently sat in Berlin on the boy's balcony writing this blogpost trying to think about nothing and just enjoy the sun but I can't. There's so much stuff going on in my head - moving out in Munich, finding a place in Berlin (which is even harder than I thought), going to Sweden for a month and planning holiday .. oh my. Now that I've been to Berlin again I can't wait to move here, live here, discover the city, work work work and be with my love and Berlin friends. I think I tend to get a little bored of a place after a while as I'm already a little bored of Munich and can't wait to be somewhere else again! Probably because I've already moved twice to another city after a year ;-)  But for now, I am heading back to Munich where work is waiting for me and I'll be counting the days till my summer holidays! Whoop! Four weeks are left until I can relax and hopefully get some tan so I don't look as pale on my pictures anymore!

Anyways, the weather was really bad in the last week of May in fancy Munich so I had to get out my beanie and light pink knitted pullover again to fight the cold. It's crazy to upload these images in June where it's supposed to be super warm and all you wear are skirts and dresses - hopefully we can go bare legged soon! Concerning this outfit, there's not much to say rather than I absolutely adore those adidas originals! I wear them aaall the time and can't believe how I could survive without them in the past ten years. They go with everything, they make every outfit edgy and cool and they are so comfy. I can only advise you to go and get yourself a pair of these beauties asap! Hope you all had a great great weekend just like me and enjoy your Sunday! xx

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