Friday, May 30, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence, I was super busy at work Monday, Tuesday and then went to Berlin Wednesday night and arrived crazy tired on Thursday morning. But heey, I'm with the boy and super happy about this long weekend we can spend together! Expect some nice outfit posts in the next week as we are working on a special blogpost I've always dreamed about but yet never had time nor enough camera skills to do it ;-) Lucky me to have him as my partner in crime for tiny LOC blog.

Today's outfit could be called my go-to-outfit for spring or just my spring uniform. I loove love love those white ripped jeans, my white shopper bag and h&m slip ons; all of these simple items are perfect for spring days and white jeans really make me happy! They have something refreshing that when I wear them I am instantly feeling happier! Two years ago I'd probably be like, never ever would I wear white jeans, but fashion always proves that your sense of style can change within a minute! I've actually had this a lot of times in the past, for example with the bulky doc martens, jeans in general or sneakers, you name it. I can't say there's a single fashion no-go for me right now (except of flip flops, flip flops are the worst and ever will be) because I recently love to try out everything! Anyways, I paired my spring uniform items with a grey top and blue kimono which is currently on Sale at H&M and amazing! I wore this outfit last week when heading to town with Anni for some shopping for the Stylight party ;-) Sadly, we didn't find anything but the party was AAHMAZING! But there will be a special post about it anyway! Lots of love and happy Friday! xx

Monday, May 26, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Sooooo .. it's my last month in Munich and at Prosieben. Instead of spending time in this lovely city that I now like more than in the beginning I am going to Berlin this week and I'm already a bit stressed about finding an apartment there. I looove love organizing things, I love to be organized and have everything planned perfectly, so I am getting a little bit nervous when something's not working the way I planned it to be. I'm not freaking out, but I stress myself to reach my goals ;-) So right now I am looking for a shared flat in Berlin (if anyone of you is from Berlin or lives there, don't hesitate to contact me if you know someone or you can help me, I'd me super happy!) and I didn't tell you this yet but I'll be in Sweden from mid July to mid August so I am getting a little nervous about not finding a place to live before going to Sweden buut it will be fine in the end :) I just wanted to reach out to you berlin city girls, if you know anything, just e mail me :)

Besides that I am looking for a flat in Berlin and arranging to move out in Munich I am back with a new outfit. My dad got me those amazing Levis jeans the last time he was in Sweden as I desperately wanted to have one normal pair of jeans that are not ripped, destroyed, whatever. So he got me these and I love them! Super comfy, love the washing and they go with everything. Plain white t shirt - yes! Plain black sweater - yes! Super simple white heels - yes! To add a bit of coolness to the look I wore my sporty zip cap from Zara which is perfect for summertime when you don't want to wear sunnies. Simple outfit for a simple and in my case (bad and stressful) Monday! Btw, I was listening a lot Angus & Julia Stone lately, (thanks to lovely Anni) so today's post title refers to 'draw your swords'!  Lots of love!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


pictures by mumy
Hello from super sunny and warm Austria! As you already know, I am at my parents place this weekend cause some of my friends were having their annual dance show cause they own a dance school. It's almost a tradition to come and watch their show - it's so cute seeing those little munchkins dancing like crazy and they are really good - trust me! So thats where I went to on Saturday morning, then had coffee with my parents, did some shopping with mumy and watched a movie in the evening. It was AMAZING. I felt really relaxed and didn't think about work or anything. Today I will meet the girls for some catch up and a little tan-session at the lake ;-) It feels really good to be at home when it's sunny and warm cause honestly, this place is the dream in summer time! Buuut I have to leave tonight because of work tomorrow and I'm heading to Berlin on Wednesday - can't wait to see the boy and view some apartments - exciting!

Todays outfit is super casual and sporty. I got this dress from bonprix cause I always wanted to have a dress like this with one of those numbers where I look like a player's wife, haha ;-) If you ever want to get yourself something from bonprix - I found this amazing website where you can get great discount codes - perfect for students, interns or just people who want to save some money ;-) I combined the dress with black wedges, a black clutch bag and my fav. Primark 'investment' - this super cool denim jacket with fake leather sleeves - I absolutely adore it! I hope you all had a great weekend - I am now off to see the girls and hopefully get a little bit more tanned cause honestly, I look like a ghost! Lots of love xx

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
I really fell for sporty looks. I fell for jeans in all kinds of colors and I fell for sneakers. Nikes. If someone would have told me this about 1.5 years ago, I'd be like, are you kidding? But here we are in 2014, I know I'm late on the sneakers trend but it's still ongoing and honestly, I don't care. I have always been dreaming about black Roshe Run Nikes but while I was browsing through the web I found these and had to get my hands on them immediately! They look so cute, girly, sporty and cool; everything at the same time of course. Even though they are quite special they go with white looks, pink looks, black looks, they are more flexible than I thought. So I found another sneaker love and I have to admit that I got myself quite a few sneakers within the last few months. I would have never thought that I'd love to wear sporty looks that much as I thought I would become more classy by getting older, but turns out I was wrong. I still love classy, polished and super sophisticated looks but I feel like we live in such a fast-moving world, that I need comfy shoes with which I can run to not miss the boat. Do you know what I mean? I watched 'the september issue' last week and wrote down a quote by Grace Coddington saying 'you have to go charging ahead, you can't stay behind'. It's such a great scene in the movie, please have a look at the link above, I love it and this quote is stuck in my mind since last week constantly reminding me that I have to work hard to reach my goals and dreams.

Also, what are you guys up to lately? I am really looking forward to the weekend as I will go home, see my parents and besties again and that's why I am just waiting for this week of work to be over. There's not much to do at Prosieben right now and I honestly wish it would be a bit more stressful and versatile. Luckily, Stylight is launching their Influencer Agency tomorrow and although on one hand I'm a little sad that I'm not involved / working there anymore,  I am really looking forward to enjoying the party, to dance, chat and just have fun! Hope to see you there!  xx 

Monday, May 19, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
New week, new luck! The weather in fancy Munich is reeeally really bad, I am about to get myself a scarf and a new beanie cause I am always freezing. I tend to always wear blazers at work to look a bit classy and polished, but last week I was in the mood for a total denim look - never tried this before but I really liked it. I felt a bit like a cowgirl to be honest, but it was super comfy and it's such an easy outfit if you don't have much time in the morning and you don't want to wear all black (again). I paired everything with my black fedora which I adore, but I am so looking forward to warmer days where I can switch from wooden fedoras to straw hats. When I'm not busy at work I am on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit (that's another story) and the perfect straw hat. I found some cool ones at Peter Hahn like this one for example. Isn't it amazing? The problem is, that I have quite a small head, so even the ones at H&M, Forever21, Asos and all the others are most of the time too big for me. If you have any ideas of where to get nice straw hats, please tell me in the comments =) I am looking for a biiiiig one with a cute bow around!

Besides that, I am really really looking forward to Thursday, as there's a Stylight party and I can't wait to party with the Stylight girls again - unfortunately only a few of them are left, but still! If anyone of you is there as well, I'd be happy to have a chat so just come over and say Hi if you see me in the crowd! Have a great evening guys!! xx

Sunday, May 18, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Happy Sunday lovlies! I've teamed up with Sister Surprise to show you one of their amazing sets! I was super excited and a little nervous about this 'outfit' shoot - I wanted to do pictures that are both simple and classy and I am reeeally happy about the result (big thanks to Anni!) What do you think? Together with the lingerie I got a simple black dressing gown that is perfect for getting up in the morning. It's really light and I am already looking forward to wearing it on a summer day in the morning while having breakfast on the balcony (I am already dreaming of holidays where I can relax and have breakfast for hours!) However, besides that I love coats there's one love I kept as a secret: I love lingerie. Not just normal ones (although I love my nude shape wear as well =P ) but I love lace all over. As I know that most of my readers are girls, I am totally fine with talking about this topic. For me it was always important what to wear underneath my normal clothes. I must admit that I usually always go for white as it works with everything (and I wear white tops aaall the time) but as soon as I saw this blue lace bra that is a little longer than normal ones I fell in love. It's beautiful and I love the bow in the front, makes it look super cute :)

Anyway, it's Sunday evening, my weekend was quite good. I worked on the coat for Kavita, did some sports and met up with Anni for work and amazingly good food! Now I am preparing some stuff for next week in terms of blogging and I am sorting out train tickets as I am going home on Friday (again). Some of my friends are having their annual dance show and it's almost a tradition to come and see them! I am really excited and already looking forward to it as it will be the last time as I can't just come for one weekend when I'm living in Berlin next year. I hope you all had a greeeeat great weekend! Lots of love xx

Thursday, May 15, 2014


pictures by mumy

Okaaaay, soooo ... my grandmum gave me an old vintage valentino handbag. I don't wanna brag about it, but it's amazing!! I love it so much, it's quite oldschool with the long hangers but the quality is amazing, the color and size are perfect and it's in such good condition! I love that it's so classy, it goes with eeeeeverything! My very first designer handbag and I'm only 20 - eeeek (I know, in a world where all the bloggers and non-bloggers buy designer stuff almost every day there's nothing exciting about it anymore, but for me it's definitely exciting ;-) Actually, I set myself a goal to have at least one designer accessory by the time I'm 21 (which is in two months) and now I haaave it! I love that it's not a brand new one as I really like vintage stuff.. I think it's just nicer and in fact, one reason why I want to have a few designer items is, that I want to give it to my kids and grandkids when I'm older, so that they always have something with them that reminds them of me .. (I sound a little bit like an old lady, being all sad and tear-jerking =D ) Anyway, here's a simple outfit I wore on the weekend while being with my mum and grandmum - going for a walk, having coffee and cake, a quite normal and relaxing afternoon you know ;)
Also, did you read Kavitas post yesterday? I am not a huuge blogger but I can totally relate to her; sometimes being a blogger can be a bit lonely. You take pictures, then you edit them, then you do some research and stuff, write the post, talk to your partners - basically you just sit in front of your computer. I felt a bit like that last week, as all I did was studying for uni, working from 9-5 and then prepare blogposts. I looove to blog and I really want tiny LOC blog to grow so I am so happy with what I'm doing right now, but with working and studying it's a bit overwhelming sometimes. But I don't want to complain, this week is a lot better as I finally have some time for myself which means, I will do some sports again, finish the coat I am currently working on and relax a little bit. Hope you're all doing fine and remember to rest in between your hectic and stressful daily routine! xxx

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


pictures by mumy
I'M BACK, BACK IN TOWN Okay .. So I in the past three days I had way too much delicious food, I saw some of my best friends again and we had a loong long talk; I spent time with my mum, grandmum and sister aaaand shot these pictures for you, to show you my fav. new lipstick from Chanel which I got myself about about two weeks ago. You surely must have seen it already on my Instagram - I just love it so much, I wear it almost every day! I wanted to get something springish .. something peachy. So I tried loads and first I just wanted to get another YSL as they are super soft but then the shopgirl showed me this one from Chanel and I was completely in love. It's my very first Chanel lipstick and since I have quite a few lipsticks I can now say that I like the consistency of Chanel the most. They are not as soft as YSL lipsticks but also not as hard as Smashbox or sometimes even MAC. But yeah, enjoy the pictures, if you follow me for a while you'll know that when I get myself a new lipstick I want to do a special post with it, as lipsticks are just my thing and I looove to create a special, different-looking blogpost around those little goodies =)  
Besides the fact that I am lipstick-fanatic, Í have tons of things planned for this week. First thing is to say goodbye to one of my main girls from Stylight - lovely Rebecca is leaving Munich and we are all heading out for dinner tonight - can't wait! Next thing on my list is to f-i-n-a-l-l-y finish the coat I started ages ago, so that you can see something new in 'lackofcolordesigns'! Also there are a few cool cooperations I am super excited to share with you, so stay tuned and happy Tuesday! xx

Sunday, May 11, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Anyone who remembers the brand reebok? I have to admit, I completely forgot about it. I hardly see any ads and I feel like they're just not popular anymore in times where all the cool kids (including me) wear Nike and Adidas all over (please inform me, if reebok is still kind of modern because then I will rewrite this post of course ;-) So yeah, today I've got another sporty look for you with this amazing top my mum showed me last time I visited her back in Austria. I fell in love with it but when I tried it on, I have to admit it made me look a bit chubby and it's a bit short for a normal top (it's clearly no crop top) but I loved the stripes on the sleeves and I thought it would be amazing with ripped jeans and my colorblocking heels (unfortunately you can't really see the colorblocking detail on the pictures, so sorry for that!) In fact, the shoes are amazingly comfortable and I am so happy that I brought them back to Munich, so now I can wear them at least once a week! I recently read an article in a magazine saying every woman should at least have one pair of red shoes and that red shoes are not only a statement piece of accessory but also make you feel happy when wearing - I totally agree!

I hope you're all having a great day - don't forget it's mothers day! I wish every mum out there that's reading my blogpost a happy mothers day and especially my mum, as she's the most amazing one, all the best for you! (we all would say our mums are amazing but trust me, mine's the best ;-) Not only that she takes my pictures when I'm back home without the boy in tiny lovely Austria, but she's also such a great inspiration, comes up with new ideas, outfits and I can always talk to her about cooperations and of course every non-blogger related topic as well ;-) Today I will just study for my exam and as you already saw on my Instagram (feel free to follow me) I had a great great breakfast together with my mum and grandmum and I am now desperately waiting for it to be tea time for the cake! Expect loads of Instagram posts ;-) Happy Sunday to y'all and spoil your mum's a little bit if it's mother's day in your country as well! Lots of love 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
My outfit from Sunday works really good with my mood today. I feel a little exhausted and that's when I want to wear the most comfortable clothes ever. So I decided to go with a casual jumpsuit from Asos which I already got last summer. Still love its simplicity and that it's two-colored. I paired it super sporty with my beloved Adidas originals that I am constantly wearing as they are unbelievably cool and go with EVERYTHING! I'm already thinking about getting myself another pair of white sneakers because I really want to try combining them with dresses and short skirts as well ;-) Oh my god, look at me, trying to be all cool and hipster with loads of sneakers - I know I'm late on that trend but now it got me ... really bad!
Since it's already Thursday I have to ask you guys, what are your plans for the weekend? Right now, I'm packing my bags as I'm going home tomorrow evening to see my mum and grandmum as it's Mother's Day in both Austria and Germany on Sunday - yay! Expect to see a few shots with my mum on Sunday on my social media ;-) Well, and on Sunday evening I already have to go to Vienna (again) because I've got my next exam at Uni. The next few weeks will be quite busy - one could say I am completely booked out, but that's another story. I hope you're all fine and don't forget to spoil your mum a little bit if it's Mothers Day in your country as well! Maybe buy some flowers or a little gift and prepare nice food or you could even bake a cake - it's totally up to you - the most important thing is to spend time together and that's why I'm super excited to go and see her again! xx

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Heyo babes! How do you do? I tend to repeat myself, but I am really busy - again. After a long and relaxing weekend spent with the boy in fancy Munich I am now back at Prosieben and next week I've got another exam at Uni in Austria. So all I'm doing at the moment is working, studying, working, studying, eating & sleeping. But I don't want to complain, my life's been alright in the last few weeks/months, so there's just no reason to be sad or mad about anything! Lately, I've read so many blogposts about people having their final exams at school or uni, so I just wanted to wish all of you out there who are super busy good luck and stay calm! You can do it! ;-)
Last week I had a super nice and girly afternoon with Anni who is not only a lifesaver in terms of blogging, but also my fav. Munich based girl! It's a little sad that I always meet people when it's either me or them who are about to leave the city .. but we will stay in contact of course =) That day, the weather was quite nice and I was wearing a chic and easy outfit - a lovely skirt from the current H&M conscious collection, a tee I completely forgot about and was super surprised how amazing it looks paired with the skirt and then some simple white heels. Whenever the new h&m exclusive conscious collection hits the stores (or the onlineshop) I am always the first to see what I would like to have. I love the pieces as they are always so cute, girly and special and although I'm a student/intern and I really don't earn a lot, I like to have at least one garment a year that is sustainable and was produced consciously. Buying sustainable clothes makes me more happy as I think it's good for our planet and you just have the feeling you did something right for not getting a two euro top but one for .. let's say fifty. What do you think about today's outfit? Also, my new sunnies are AMAZING - you will totally see me wearing them in almost every post from now on - I've got a new crush! xx

Sunday, May 4, 2014


pictures by the boy
WHERE'D THE DAYS GO? WHEN ALL WE DID WAS PLAY I am desperately trying not to consider the fact that it's Sunday. Seriously, it feels like weekend has just started and now it's almost over? I'm a bit fuzzy-headed today, and nope, I didn't go out and had loads of drinks, I just feel a bit lonely ;-) I know, I tend to not talk about the boy on the blog, but as he left today I just can't help it and have to spend my day being all girly, which means: I will cuddle up in my bed, watch movies, read a good girly magazine and drink hot soya chocolate (the weather in Munich is crazy so there's no reason to go out - promise!) Hope you all had an amazing weekend and you make the best out of your Sunday - just like me ;-)

Today's outfit is UBER comfy and one of my fav. combo's. When it's raining outside I instantly think about my doc's (which I still need to break in, damn you amazingly good looking shoes, why do you hurt so much?) and I love to pair them with skinny black jeans, a white top and white blazer. As the weather is being all shitty I had to wear a light coat - this mint coat from Primark was a total bargain (8€ !) and its so fifties that I hate myself for not getting it in other colors as well. To add another color to this grey weather I wore my yellow trapeze bag which is huuge and perfect for a day in town. What do you usually wear on rainy days? Also, today's blogpost title is named after Paolo Nutini's Song , some of you might know that he released a new album and I am already listening to it but stumbled across this old one and I still love it to pieces! Happy Sunday! xx 

Friday, May 2, 2014


pictures by the boy
Hello guys and happy Friday! It's finally the weekend and I've got a new outfit for you. I bought this dress a few months ago at Sheinside as I love it's shape and the transparent part of the sleeves. I'd suggest you to get it a size bigger than you usually are as it comes in a bit smaller and shorter, obviously. Anyway, I really like it and knew that I wanted to combine it with slip ons to make the look more casual and edgy and probably because the dress is kinda a skaterdress, so I wanted to wear skater shoes ;-) What do you think about my new sunnies? I already posted them on Instagram as I am so in love with them. I still want to get myself Celiné Audrey sunglasses but need to save up money first, so these will do for a while!

What are your plans for the weekend? Yesterday, the boy came to fancy Munich and we had delicious burgers, froyo and just watched movies all the time. Today was a relaxing day as well as I didn't feel so good and stayed in bed drinking tea and eating cookies ;-) So honestly, there's not much to say, I really hope you enjoyed today's pictures! Stay tuned as there will be more amazing blogposts in the future taken by the boy and have a great weekend! Lots of love xx

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