Friday, February 28, 2014


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Hello :-) I am back in Munich (but not for long) - leaving to see my parents tonight - whoop! I am really busy right now, so I don't have too much time to talk/blog, just wanted to quickly show you this outfit we shot .. last week? (I can't remember, too bad) Anyway, I made a really good choice on getting this coat as it's super chic and timeless! I always wanted to have a nice camel / beige coat and now I finally did it!! Thanks to Kleiderkreisel (similar to Ebay) I got this one for 15€ and the girl never wore it as it was too small for her - strike! It's just perfect for spring right now as it's a bit lighter and I absolutely adore the color!

Soo, February is almost over - I have three weeks left at Stylight which really feels weird because that means I've been working and living in Germany for almost six months and it also means we are getting closer to my second internship! Ah .. this is just crazy. But I gotta get back to work - see you on Sunday on lackofcolor - have a nice weekend! xx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


pictures by itscohen

LITTLE SWANS ON MY BLOUSE When I saw the pictures of this outfit I realized, that my hair looks really good and wavy .. that's why I called the article beachwaves. Since I got my hair cut it tends to be less curly but more wavy and usually I just straighten it as I don't really like wavy hair, but this time I was too lazy and gladly they turned out really nice. I can't remember when we shot these pictures, but I was really in the mood to combine all of my current favorites - a good pair of blue jeans, a pink blouse and my beloved white boyfriend blazer. It's a really simple and comfortable outfit - perfect for work!

When you read this, I will be on my way home from Vienna. Apart from the fact that I just came to write an exam at uni, I am pretty happy that I got to see my oldest sister again - really miss living in the same city than she does so it's lovely to see her every once in a while to catch up and have good food :-) (seriously, having older sisters is the best thing ever as they always cook for you). My visit in Vienna was super short so there's not much to say - fingers crossed I passed my exam and now off to Munich for another one and a half days and then straight home to see the boy, my parents and the girls! What are your plans for the weekend? xx

Sunday, February 23, 2014


pictures by itscohen
BLACK AND WHITE Sorry for skipping the Sunday evening post - I'm having some troubles with my internet at home, that's why I can only blog from work right now ;-) I hope you all had a lovely weekend - mine was quite unspectacular. Besides studying the whole time for my upcoming exam I just did some sports and had a lovely cheese&wine night with the Stylight gals on Saturday. Rebecca and I shot these outfit pictures last week where the weather was truly amazing (actually it is really nice today as well - hello spring!) I wore a skirt and striped shirt (it looks a bit like a dress but believe me, it's not) and my fav. boucle blazer of all time. I think blazers, especially in white are the perfect garment for every day. They make you look sophisticated and fresh within a minute - it's the same with a white blouse but I think I said that before. To add a little color I wore my selfmade blue coat and morange on my lips (completely obsessed with this one lately). Somehow this outfit reminds me of chanel .. if only I had a little chanel bag to pair it with, but I really like my white one from Gaudí as well =) 

So it's Monday again .. I'm having a busy week ahead, or maybe the whole next month will be quite busy; it's is also my last month at Stylight - craazy! I've got my uni exam on Wednesday, so leaving for Vienna tomorrow in the afternoon and then going to see my parents on the weekend. Next week we are launching the new commercial for Stylight, there will be a big party and then I will be busy sewing handbags for a company in Austria I'm working with .. oooohh and I finally get to see this lovely girl again - can't wait!! So ready for March since I couldn't go anywhere this month as I just had to study and I kind of got used to go somewhere at least once a month! Also I am really happy to have a few days off at the end of March before starting my new internship .. aaww .. really envy all of the students out there, who are having holidays right now =)

Anyway, have a great Monday guys! xx

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I don't have a fancy outfit for you today, but I allow you to have a closer look into my bag. I know this is already oldschool in the blogger world, but I think it's still quite interesting to see that I am not the only one who carries way too much in her bag every day ;-) So I quickly did a few shots last Sunday! My usual bag size would probably be like this blue bag from Zara - medium sized. It's just perfect if you go out shopping and you have already some stuff with you but you're sure there'll be more to come ;-) The basics are my mobile phone with the cool self designed phonecase from caseable, my I pod and the big headphones I got from my sisters and my purse (now I noticed that I totally forgot to put my keys in the picture .. just imagine they are there as well). Even in wintertime I take my sunglasses with me, my mum always tells me to have them with me all the time to avoid getting wrinkles .. this must at least be a little true as she has hardly any =)

When it comes to beauty I carry almost everything with me haha. In case something happens and I quickly need to look fabulous I've got this little orange vanity bag stuffed with perfume, powder, concealer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick AND a tiny sewing kit for emergencies ;-) Lately, I received this absolutely adorable owl from Marlin, a german online shop, guess what it is ... it's a hand and body cream! Soo cute! It's my new favorite as it's really soft and moisturizes your hands perfectly =) You can get different kind of scents - mine's creme brûlée. Oh yes, since I've cut my hair short and have them straightened quite often I carry a small pocket brush with me. If I have a long day where I won't come home I always have either a book or a magazine with me and this cool patterned notebook I got from the boy and of course a pencil.
What about you guys? What's in your bag? I hope you're all doing well, I am now off to talk to one of my best friends from home and then it's finally Friday - can't wait for the weekend to begin even though I have to study! xx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


pictures by itscohen

KEEP YOUR HEELS, HEAD AND STANDARDS HIGH My outfit from Saturday where I spent the afternoon with Rebecca in town. We checked out the pop up exhibition from the german uni called AMD (which is also the one I'm applying for). The girls and boys made really cool designs and did a good job making them, some were really impressive and I think it took them quite a long time to sew them. I have to admit, this Saturday kinda made me think about the future (no surprise as the event was called by future, haha .. not funny) I thought about myself .. I always wanted to work with fashion .. and I always wanted to be a fashion journalist, whereas a little part of me always wanted to have my own collection, brand, to break it down .. being a designer has always been in the back of my head. I am really happy that I attended a fashion school so that I can sew, design, make pattern constructions, all these things that are quite important (not completely necessary but I think these are good skills) if you want to work in the hard world of fashion. So the rest of the day I was a little daydreamin and thought about what I want to achieve in life... and this is a really long list .. ;-)

Todays outfit - I am more and more into pastel and could wear light blue and pink all the time - that's why I combined them for this outfit. The items are nothing new if you follow me for a while, but I never paired them like this and I think one of the main eye catchers are the pointed heels! This gorgeous pair of shoes moved into my shoe shelf on Friday and I loove them! You might have seen them on my instagram as I am so in love with them, eek! They are out of real leather and were on sale for twenty euro - this calls for a bargain! I think they are perfect for spring and summer as they are closed in the front but still a little bit like sandals .. You will definitely see them in future posts! I hope you guys are alright - I will rush home now where the boy is waiting for me - haven't seen him in more than a month, exciiiting! 
have  a great evening! xx

Sunday, February 16, 2014


pictures by itscohen
WEEKEND TALK The weather has been suuuper duper nice the past few days. Especially yesterday was just perfect. We had about 15 degrees in fancy Munich, I went for a little run in the morning, had deeeeelicious wraps filled with tofu and then spent the afternoon with Rebecca in town. It was more of a window shopping tour in the poshest area of Munich which ended up in Starbucks (where else?) where we dreamed about having designer clothes/accessories once .. oh well =) It was really nice and the perfect Saturday. Today I totally concentraded on uni and did some workout. Hope you had a nice weekend too!

We shot these pictures this week at work and since its getting warmer right now (fingers crossed that winter won't hit us anymore) I feel like I shouldn't wear too much dark clothes anymore. Whenever spring/summer comes I feel like I should wrap myself in pastel, white or bright colors such as orange, red and yellow (even though I found out that not every yellow doesn't go with my hair color). Not that I am wearing something really bright in this one, but I told myself to stop wearing the black skinny jeans I love to pieces and changed to blue jeans. The outfit is super simple but extremely comfy and a little springlike ;-) xx

Thursday, February 13, 2014


GIRLY TOPIC As it's Valentines day tomorrow, I thought about doing a special post. I don't have any outfit advice for you for going on your date or what kind of perfume would be the best and if you should kiss the guy after he brought you back home - (actually, I'm always with yes, do it!) - BUT I thought it would be fun to show you my little lipstick collection, which grew a lot in the past 1.5 years. I grew up in a household full of girls (i've got two older sisters) but none of them really introduced me to lipsticks, or if so, I can't remember (sorry!). So I started using them quite late, let's say - at the age of 18. First I had just a red one and that's it but when I finished school I started experimenting a lot with different kind of shades. Every now and then I buy myself a new lipstick, sometimes it's just because of a trend (morange, diva) or just because I fell in love with the color (all of the others ;-)

I divided all of them in three main categories: "the reds" , "the pink ones" and "the others" (which are mainly brown or nude shades). So if I had a fancy date tomorrow I would probably go for something pink, as I am currently really into pink lips but the boy is busy studying / working, so I will have a fun night out with the girls and probably go for red ;-) What are your plans? 
Happy Valentines and of course, happy Thursday! xx

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


pictures by itscohen
SUPERSTAR So I finally wore my super comfy and extremely (old) (s)c(h)ool Adidas Originals for the first time today. Having a best friend that is a super popular and well known blogger is a dream come true, as my girl Kavita received these shoes a while ago but they were too small for her. Luckily I have super tiny feet and so I received a surprise package marked by "Royal Mail" ;-) about a month ago with these beauties in it. I felt like back in the early 2000s where I wore them for the first time at the age of ten. Back then I had the red & white version, this time I got black & white which makes me even more happy ;-) Big thanks to my bestie from up north, I loooove them to pieces!

I've seen a couple of bloggers styling them already and I thought about going with a simple black and white combo for the first outfitpost, but I'm sure you will see me wearing these a lot in spring/summer. I chose a sporty look, which means - fake leather leggings, black jumper and white blouse underneath and my fake fur coat. As it was super sunny today I could even wear my sunglasses which makes the whole look even more sporty and casual. Munich is just amazing right now as the sun is shining every single day and I am so ready for spring, seriously, can't wait! But gotta get back to work now, hope you have a great Tuesday evening! xx

Sunday, February 9, 2014


pictures by itscohen
CASUAL WEEKEND My outfit from Friday! I can't believe I never showed you this green skirt I got from Kavita a while ago. I wore it lots of times but never took any pictures .. shame on me. So this time I paired it with my white ruffled tank top from Zara which is super old but I couldn't imagine living without it. It is just the cutest garment ever. As I told you, it was Fashion Friday at the office and .. well, if only I'd known that all the girls dress up really fancy, I would probably have not worn something that simple ;-) But I really liked the color combination of red and green (in combination with the shirt it did remind me a little bit of christmas) and how cool the whole outfit looks with just wearing a cap.

I had a super productive weekend, which means - got up early, went for a little run, cleaned the apartment and studied the whole day long. Except of today, where I finally managed to watch "My week with marylin". As a huge Audrey Hepburn fan I can just say, it's a really good movie and I kinda fell in love with this cute young little assistant director, but I didn't really like Michelle Williams performance. To me she is just not marylin-like. But yeah, that pretty much sums up my casual weekend. Sports, studying, watching movies ;-) I hope you all did something exciting and if you are about to write some exams - all the best! Happy Sunday! xx

Thursday, February 6, 2014


pictures by itscohen
EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST Proudly announcing: I now have a suit! Whoop! Been looking for a suit for a while now and as I am on a "save-money-and-don't-buy-too-much-clothes" -trip I was super happy when I found the matching blazer for my checked pants at Zara in sale. You can't even tell that it's a size large, riiight? And if yes, please be kind and don't judge me by buying clothes in bigger sizes.. I mean, it was on sale after all and I could alter it but I am just too lazy/busy ;-)

As today is such a lovely day - we have perfect weather conditions here in fancy Munich - I thought about wearing my new two piece for the first time. To complete the whole tomboy look I wore my black beanie and these cute shoes from H&M. I had a really bad day yesterday as I turned to be super sick but today it's gone a lot better and I am currently sitting at work, the sun is shining on my face, I am writing this article AND, I am listening to Coldplay. That should explain the headline. I really don't know where this is coming from, but whenever I look at my outfit pictures I have a special song in mind, usually one that I haven't heard in ages. Anyway, Thursday is almost over and we are having a huge party tomorrow at the office - Fashion Friday. What are your plans for the weekend? xx

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


pictures by itscohen
SALE SEASON I have been looking for the perfect (black) hat everywhere. I ordered on Asos (and sent it back), I checked Topshop (which is crazy small in Munich), H&M, Forever21,.. just everything but every single hat is too big for me. I kind of have the feeling that my short and straightened hair is the reason why no single hat suits me anymore.. Anyway, I was at Zara last week, just to have a quick look, and then I saw this hat. As a super optimistic person (usually I am really optimistic, trust me) I thought it would be new collection and expensive. So I asked the shopgirl, as there was no price tag to check how much it is and she came back, looking shocked and said "omg, it's so cheap. EUR 7,99" - I think you all can understand why I bought it. It's a biiiiiiit too big, but it works fine and I adore it! Best sale find this season! It's actually not black, but black and blue (if you follow me for a while, you probably know that I love this color combination) and I'm happy it has this little zip detail since I am not really fond of studs on hats (are these kind of hats still popular?)

But yes, this is my outfit from today. Super simple with patterned pants and a black jumper, both from H&M a while ago. I was really happy that the sun showed up and it wasn't that cold outside for pictures. But honestly, I don't have a lot to say today. I feel a bit ill, got a sore throat, but I'm gonna go do some sports now with the girls at the office and maybe I feel better after it. Then I will quickly head home and do some work for uni and the blog. Hope you all are fine! xx

Sunday, February 2, 2014


pictures by itscohen
WEEKEND Can you see my desperate try to wear something springlike? Green top, bright (m)orange lips and a peach colored mini clutch bag? Yes, thats what I wore yesterday. Rebecca and I had coffee in the house of art before we headed over to p1 club where the shooting for the new Stylight commercial took part. It was a really sunny day at first, that's why I was totally in spring mood. You see, there is hardly any snow in Munich so I don't have a winter feeling anymore. I just hope it stays like that until we go over to spring temperatures ;-) Concerning my outfit, there's not much to say .. I got this green top at Zara sale for less than ten euros and I really wanted to combine it with something orange. As I don't have any orange garments (except than one blouse) I thought about adding orange to this outfit with a bright lipstick and a peach colored bag.

The weekend is now almost over. I did some sports yesterday and now I've got a huge muscle ache but hey, getting back in shape! =) Today I just did stuff for uni as I'm having some exams in the next few months. Have a relaxing Sunday evening guys! xx

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