Wednesday, December 10, 2014


pictures taken by Sarah

Hello everybody!! Hope you're doing fine =) Since its getting cold outside, I thought about doing a home post once again. It is actually the best idea, as I am suffering from a bad cold for more than two weeks already. I tried every single medicine that's available at the pharmacy and even combined them with household remedy, but nothing seems to work. I guess it is because I don't have any time to rest, but that is the reason why we shot these pictures inside, so my weak body gets to calm down in the warm =) My girl Sarah just moved into her very own first flat in Berlin Wedding, so we had to take advantage of the yet unfurnished rooms ;-) Here are a few shots with my latest investment, this gorgeous mint green turban with a few sparkling details! I love it to pieces and had to get my hands on it! It is from Zara by the way, and still available =) Always in November and December I get obsessed with everything sparkling and girly - still, its not that easy to find sparkling garments or accessories, if you don't wear any jewelry, but somehow I always find new  ins! This turban really reminds me of Carrie's from the New Years Eve scene in Sex and the City, the movie, part I. Don't you think so too?

Anyways, I hope you like todays pictures! While you read this, I'll be doing a presentation at uni, which I am preparing at this very moment, while writing this ;-) So much for multitasking. Thanks for reading! Love you all, xx

mules - H&M Studio Collection
bag - H&M Conscious Collection (2013)
turban - Zara
jumpsuit - H&M
vest - Mango


  1. Wunderschön, deine Haare sind toll und das Make up steht dir super! Gefällt mir!


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