Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It's a new year - time to focus on a new, unencumbered future
Okay, soooo .. I don't know where to start in all honesty. It feels super weird that this year is coming to an end, but let's review 2014 and then look forward to 2015. I'll try to keep it as short as possible, but I thought about doing a different new years eve post than in the last two years. It will be more personal than ever and filled with fun instagram pictures! =) Hope you like it!

In January, I was still working for Stylight, went to Berlin with the girls for Stylight Influencer Awards and of course took lots of outfit pictures for tiny LOC blog. I also cut my hair for the first time like suuuuper short! 

In February I showed off my love for lipsticks and did a special post on Valentines day with different kinds of shades, as well as presented to you my new Adidas Originals. We also shot a new tv commercial for Stylight which was a blast!

In March I finished my internship at Stylight which was an incredible experience, that I never wanna miss. Before leaving Stylight we organized a great party where I had loads of fun with other German Bloggers =) March was also the month where LOC did some fun cooperations with several companies and amazing pictures incurred. The most exciting thing in March was that I got accepted to this amazing journalism program in Berlin which is now killing my freetime ;-)

April - I started a new internship at a german tv channel called Prosieben and made myself an ombré! Of course we took pictures for LOC, for example with this amazing flower printed dress from Asos and pretty coral colored clothes from Girissima! Kavita came to Munich and I finally got to see my bestie again! We just talked, ate loads of food and drank wine all the time. Oh and I made cake for the Stylight girls - really tried my best to be that housewife kinda girl ;-) 

I got myself a new camera and lens in May! Me and Anni started to shoot even more as it is much more fun with better equipment of course! One of my favorite shootings of that month was with my favorite lipstick shade of all time - Chanel no 43 - la favorite! The second one was quite personal and special for Sister Surprise's lingerie. Also celebrated Mothers Day with my mum who is probably my biggest fan and fashion inspiration and got my very first vintage designer bag, a black Valentino by my grandmother! Rebecca finished her internship at Stylight, so I had to say goodbye to her but promised to visit her in the UK asap. At the end of May, Stylight held another party where I had to show up of course! 

June was a hard month where I had to say goodbye to so many people as I left Munich. Lauren left and helped opening a new Stylight office in the UK, and Anni, the most humbling and most amazing girl I know started an internship in New York. I finished my internship at Prosieben and moved back from Munich to my parents place, but actually just left my stuff there before going to Sweden. I went to the hairdressers as well and got bangs again, which I am constantly thinking about cutting again .. oh my =) 

LOC turned two in July and I turned 21! YAY! Celebrated tiny LOC's birthday with the girls having brunch and thanked you guys as well with a little giveaway, as you really make my day eeeeevery single day! Got myself two really important gifts for these special occasions, a Lackofcolour (Australia) hat that I wanted for ages and a mac book air - perfect for travelling and uni! On the 14th of July I was off to Varberg, Sweden for more than four weeks, working in a hotel. This was an amazing experience, both scary but fun at the same time. I lived in this little house you can see in the pictures above, stopped driving and started cycling =) The most fun experience was my shoot on the beach with Alma Bengtsson! This girl is only 17 years old but her photography skills are amazing! We shot the pictures for a cooperation with Triangl and this bikini is still one of my favorites! In July I spent most of my time reading, sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and working. I haven't been to the beach in more than two years, to this was perfection!

My girl Doris came to visit me in August in Sweden and we took lots of pictures and had the best time ever! Doris is a genious in taking pictures and it was so much fun taking them with this gorgeous dress in the sea. I was super nervous about the dress and didnt want it to get wet at first, but then I just 'jumped' right into it and the result is breathtaking! On my last day I went to Gothenburg to shoot with Emma Grann, probably my fav. photography blogger of all time! After that I went straight to Oslo and then to Vienna where I bought myself my very first designer handbag - a simple black Michael Kors that I wanted to get myself for years! After spending a week in lovely Austria, I prepared myself to move to Berlin!

September - new beginnings, new city, new uni, new friends, new new new. I moved to Berlin, started studying again and met so many cool people already! Berlin really has given me a lot and I've only been living here for four months! I knew that Berlin would be the right city to live and study in, as there are so many creative people and I get inspired by all of them, but I had a few struggles at first. Luckily I have the best flatmates a girl could ask for and found amazing new friends at uni =) Its like having my own little family over here, but can always come back to my real family. Above there's a picture of my room, a Karl Lagerfeld clutch bag I got myself, me with pink hair ends, uni friends and a great lipstick shoot I did with my girl Linda! Developed some major photoshop skills in the past few months =) 

In October I felt all settled down in Berlin. I got to shoot with Frank Schröder, a Berlin based photographer and still can't wait to show you the results! Unfortunately he's got to deal with some health issues right now, so you still have to stay tuned and wait for next year, for the pictures to be up on the blog! I started working on Wolfschluckner, my label in the making. I've always dreamed of making my own outerwear collection and finally had the guts to start this in October 2014! I am still working on it like crazy, and although my facebook and instagram fanpages are not really up to date I hope you're still interested in seeing the result in the next few months, probably January/February!! October also made me realize that I have to go mad again and cut my hair - this time it got even shorter, aaand I found the perfect viennese café in Berlin! 

I took the plane to Austria back in November and visited my family to spend some quality time with them. It was perfect to fill up my batteries! Luckily I also had the chance to interview David Roth from Dandy Diary blog for uni, which was beyond interesting and so much fun! My mum and sister came to visit me in Berlin that month as I had quite a lot of health issues and was sick all the time. It was super relaxing with them and I got to shoot amazing pictures as well! I also introduced you to Wolfschluckner - my outerwear label in the making =) Oh and I started working at TEZENIS, and italian lingerie store which is definitely killing my free-time but a lot of fun as well!

December was a super stressful month. My girl Sarah and me shot so many outfits, (a few in advance) and I was busy sewing coat after coat. I was constantly ill and worked a lot, but had the best weekend ever at my sisters uni graduation in Vienna! After that there was only one week left full of work and uni stuff until I went home for christmas. 
I got back on Saturday and while I am writing this (and watching The Vow on TV) I feel both happy and sad about this year. I have to admit that 2014 was really not what I expected and it turned out to be one of the worst, but on the other hand one of the most remarkable years of my life. I remember myself writing down how excited I am about 2014 and that I have so many plans. Some of them worked out, but a few others broke my life into tiny little pieces. I don't want to complain, I got into uni, I found an amazing flat, I have so many friends and a great family to be thankful for .. and I have you tiny LOC blog readers. Thanks for everything guys, it's so much fun to share my fashion journey with you! I guess the key to an amazing year is to not expect anything, so this is what I'm gonna do with 2015. I don't have too many plans this year, as it will be the first time in three years that I am not moving, changing my studies or working abroad. It does sound a little boring, but I am actually just going to stay in Berlin and work hard on my dreams.

I hope you all had a great 2014 and that you'll have some magical moments next year! I really hope you're gonna stay with me and stick to reading LOC in the upcoming months, and stay tuned for a few changes over here! Don't forget to be happy and thankful for everything you have and please don't make a big deal out of NYE! Just remember that its your decision of what to do and how to be happy. I am always quoting I am that girl, cause I freakin love this book, but this sentence is stuck in my head for a while already:

'decide right now that in spite of your endless to-do list, your broken heart, your work drama, the ten,thirty pounds you need to lose, the terrible economy and all the other excuses you make for not being happy with yourself and life, that for the next three minutes you're going to get obnoxiously happy'

happy new year guys! I love you all! xx


  1. so ein toller rückblick! du hattest echt ein aufregendes jahr :) auf ein neues! und dass wir uns 2015 endlich mal sehen :)
    bussi carina von

    1. Awwww Carina :)) unbedingt!! vl schaff ichs im Februar nach Wien, ansonsten musst du einfach mal nach Berlin kommen!! xx

  2. Du hast wirklich viel gemacht und dabei sind tolle Bilder entstanden! Für 2015 wünsche ich dir das aller Beste, viel Erfolg und Spass!

  3. I loved our shoot, it was so much fun!! And I am so happy that you are pleased with the photos :) Hope we'll meet again soon Carmen!

    1. I loved it as well Alma :) i hope you can make it to Berlin in spring, would be lovely to have you and Malin around!!! xx

  4. You've had SUCH a big year Carmen, it doesn't feel like less that a year ago since I saw you! Keep blogging as I love reading your posts, and I'll see you soon (in Berlin!) xxx

    1. Rebecca :)) I miss youl!! thanks for this lovely comment! I must admit that you made me blush when I read this, as I didnt see 2014 as a big year for me but after thinking about it, you might be right :) hope to see you soon and happy new year girl!! xx

  5. There aren't enough words for how proud and happy I am that you walked into my life, little girly! For that alone, 2014 was one amazing year! <3

    1. awww <3 this is the cutest comment ive ever received girl!!! miss you so much :)


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