Wednesday, November 5, 2014


pictures by Linda
Hey peeps! Do you sometimes feel like time is rushing by so fast and you don't even notice it? I had that feeling in the past few days, and especially today, I keep asking myself, how come it's already Wednesday? And how come it's already November, as in, it is almost 2015?! When did all this happen? I am back in Berlin and although the flight took only an hour from Salzburg to Berlin Tegel, I feel kind of jet legged, crazy huh? But anyway, I am back on track and uni is quite busy, so please be gentle with me, if I don't post as much as I usually do in the course of the next few weeks. It seems like I have to develop a new routine since I am running errands every single day and it's quite exhausting at times ;-) Hope you all are fine!

Since I moved to Berlin, I got all crazy about mom jeans and browsed through every online store I know to find the perfect ones. Turns out I ended at Urban Outfitters, which teamed up with Rewardstyle who held an amazing Masterclass in Berlin last month, where I was invited to join. After talking about blogging and some interesting facts, drinking wine with the other gals and chatting we were allowed to try a few pieces from UA and although all of the girls fell in love with a special kind of cardigan, I knew I wanted to get myself a pair of light washed mom jeans. Some may think I am too small for it, or I do not have the right bum for it, but I love those jeans! They look quirky, cool and I totally remind myself on my mom, which is even cooler as she's such a styling inspiration for me. I ripped the jeans myself and paired them super simple with my white Nikes and a fake fur jacket from Forever21. Hope you like the pictures, lots of lovel! xx

sneakers - c/o Nike Air Force
mom jeans - c/o Urban Outfitters

jumper - H&M
fake fur jacket - Forever21
bag - Forever21
beanie - no name



  1. Cool, kann mich noch an meine erinnern. Stehen dir ausgezeichnet und der gesamte Look steht dir, toll!

  2. thank you girls! love my new pair of jeans :) xx


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