Heyo everyone!! Sorry for skipping the Wednesday post - I had absolutely no time to write and talk about my latest outfits, although I have quite a few to share with you! Here's number one, from my stay in Austria at my parents place. The weather was incredibly warm, super sunny and just magical. I posted  this amazing picture on Instagram of the mountains and the lake, aww .. I wish it was summer so that I could enjoy some frozen yogurt and watch the sailing boats go by. Whenever I visit my parents, I don't take too much clothes with me, as I know my mum has some great treasures hidden in her wardrobe. I found this green vintage cape already a year ago, but never took pictures with it, so it came in handy last weekend. I wore a simple black pullover-skirt-combination underneath, because this cape obviously stands for itself. It's quite long, I must admit that my mum is much taller than me, but I love it so much! It is suuuuper comfy, warm and it made me feel effortlessly chic. I guess that's what a forester's wife would wear :-P just joking. These green velvet boots belong to my mum as well and it feels like heaven walking in them! I hope you like the pictures, I absolutely adore the colors in the back, it was such a pretty and perfect fall day!

Hopefully you all had a fabulous week! I cannot believe that it is already Friday and the middle of November. It feels like it was my birthday just yesterday, haha =) After finishing this blogpost (note: it's Thursday evening while I am writing this), I will just relax and watch PLL while eating mandarins and cookies. The perfect me-time after a long day at uni and work. I wanted to talk to you about this topic for ages, as I read about 'me-time' in "I am that girl" .. the book I always quote and can totally understand if you get annoyed about ;-) It is just that I can always relate to everything Alexis Jones talks about. One of the chapters is about 'me-time' which I think is one of the most important lessons we all have to learn. I have always loved being alone but felt bad if I told someone or used it as a reason to not showing up at a party or dinner invitation. I can hardly say no, but within the years I learned that it is super important to say no at times and spend time alone without feeling guilty. Alexis Jones described it with the words:
'You have every right in the world to say no and you'll be a better woman because of it.' 
I know it might sound cheesy, but I am trying to feel less guilty whenever I turn someone down and instead spend time by myself. I started dedicating some time every day to do exactly what I want, alone. And guess what? It.feels.great! Putting yourself first takes a lot of courage but it is important to learn about yourself and your needs.

Okay .. I had a lot of thoughts this time .. tell me what you think about my look and thoughts in the comment section! Happy Friday! Lots of love! xx

velvet boots - vintage
tights - gift
skirt - H&M
top - Zara
cape & scarf - vintage
bag - Michael Kors
sunnies - RayBan



  1. Super, super cool! Auch dieses outfit steht dir bombastisch und ist ganz toll für diese Jahreszeit! Gefällt mir ausgezeichnet!

  2. love this outfit

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