Good morning everyone! Here's another look I shot back home in Austria, where it was freeeezing! I still cannot believe how cold it got in the past few weeks and that it's already November, but we talked about this already! This look is all about the current fall trends, camel colored skinny pants and a big wide fringe cape with this super cosy hood! I loved to wear camel when I was still in high school, as I thought it looked super chic with a white blouse and white blazer. In wintertime I am more into black than white, that is why I combined my camel pants with this amazing cape that belongs to my mum, but she's fine with sharing =) It's huge, which makes it perfect for winter time, as you can wear thousands of layers underneath. All kinds of capes are definitely a must have for this season, and I am about to sew another one for one of my girls from Berlin! Can't wait to start and show you the result asap! Stay tuned!

Besides that uni is getting more and more busy, I now have a job as well, which might make blogging a bit difficult, but I will try to work it out and keep you all updated =) You all might know that I am craaazy about all kinds of outerwear, coats, capes, you name it and I could talk about it for hours. I've been obsessed with the new Burberry video, been listening and watching it over and over again and wanted to share it with you as well! To be all honest, I felt a bit homesick when I came back to Berlin on Tuesday. My weekend was beyond amazing and super relaxed, while life in Berlin is always quite hectic and all about work. But don't get me wrong, I love to be here, I was just a bit sad to leave Austria this early. But when I discovered this video, I felt happy, warm ready again to work work work and create a vision just like Burberry does all the time. The video is both super inspiring and moving, as well as romantic, and oh my good, look at those amazing dresses in the last part! Sometimes I wish I lived in a fairytale, where I could wear these all day long. But anyway, I have always loved Burberry's work. Their classic trenchcoat is on my wishlist for years now, and this video is just amazing and inspiring in all kinds of life. I will leave you now with the request to watch it at least once, and I am off to uni - see you Monday! xxx

boots - Zara
pants - Vero Moda
cape - Zara
bag - Michael Kors



  1. Super chic das Cape steht dir ausgezeichnet und das Video ist der Hammer! Deine Kombination mit der camelfarbenen Hose ist toll und es bringt Farbe in dein Outfit!

  2. Awesome shots :) I think you must share your photos on, too :) Voguedrobe is a ultimate social network for all fashionistas, designers and companies...


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