pictures taken by Linda

Happy Friday guys! I am in full family mode, as last week my mum came over to visit me, and yesterday, one of my sisters arrived at mine. Therefor, my weekend will be all about good food, shopping and some sightseeing. My sister has never been to Berlin before, so I’ve planned a few things and I am so looking forward to brunch with her at suicide sue and just spoil ourselves! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, to stay updated! If you live in Berlin, and you’ve got some ideas where we should head for dinner or which christmas market is the best, please comment! I am happy for every suggestion!

Since I am super busy all the time, especially before christmas, I will keep today’s post short. About a month ago, I got myself these H&M Studio Collection mules that are perfect for the colder season. I paired them with a simple black skirt and this cute lace top from Asos. Add a red lippy and a special clutch bag, and this look is perfect for the upcoming holiday season, if you want to keep it simple and all black! I’d probably wear it for a christmas party .. if only I’d still be working at Stylight. Their christmas parties are beyond amazing! ;-) Have a great weekend guys! See you soon =) xx


Good morning everyone :-) I was a bit ill these past few days and spent some relaxing time with my mum in Berlin, but here's a new outfit post! Brand new, as we just shot it two days ago after visiting the 'war and wardrobes' exhibition - which I can totally recommend to all of you if you're interested in fashion, history and photography! Berlin is getting colder and colder and I can barely wear my 'fall uniform' anymore, which consists of a sweater, skirt, tights and boots. I stocked up and got myself a new pair of black overknees to keep my legs warm. But the most important thing in today's outfit is my red cape. If you follow me for a while, you all might have seen it more than once on LOC but this time is a little different. I have always dreamed of my very own coat collection, my very own label. I just wanted people to wear my creatons (and I still want that, oh my). So I decided to give it a try and give my creatons some space on the internet, as in, building up a website. I have been working on it for weeks now, and just wanted to share this with you, as I feel like it is interesting for you to see how I try to get this started, and not just show you the website when it's finished.

I never wanted to share my last name with you on the blog, probably because it's weird and uncommon. People pronounced it wrong, they made jokes about it and all these things, so I was kind of sick of telling others that my last name is Wolfschluckner. BUT, since I lived in Berlin, I met quite a few people who thought this was an amazing name and in fact, it stands for strength and creativity, and that is the reason I called my label-in-the-making WOLFSCHLUCKNER. Just like my last name. As simple as it is. With all the weird pronouncing and the not so funny jokes people make. I am currently working on coats and capes for the website which will hopefully go live sometime in January; I already have a model that I absolutely adore and I am about to meet my photographer for brainstorming! It's all super exciting, although I don't know if it will work out, but I love to work on this new project every single minute! I already set up a Facebookpage that I would be happy if you'd like and share, and an Instagram account.

It feels damn unreal to work on your own brand, label, whatsoever at the age of twentyone. I have always wanted to just show my creatons online and make people happy by wearing my coats and capes. It's not about fame or similar, but about my passion for creating outerwear and sewing in general. I am both happy and scared at the same time, as I could totally fail and ruin my dream of having an own label .. but it could also work out, so I just have to try and risk something. Honestly, I don't have anything to loose. There's this song called 'Suggestions' I discovered on PLL and listened to it over and over again, and it's got some pretty good lyrics saying  "At the end of the day lifes a lesson" and this is what keeps me going. We all have to learn so much, and life's a whole process of learning, dealing with failure and success, and we will grow with all these lessons.

 I will keep y'all updated, but please be gentle with me, as I am working really hard right now, and with uni and a part-time job, it is getting tough.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday! Lots of love, xx


pictures by Sarah
Hello lovlies! Just a short post on this Friday morning, as my mum came over to Berlin to visit me =) I wanted to show you my go-to piece for winter, when it's really really cold outside: the furry scarf! I bought it last year from lovely Julia, Founder of Floralpunk. I am quite obsessed with everything (fake) fur-related and stocked up on my furry items in the past two years. My wardrobe consists of three fake fur coats, as well as two fake fur beanies/hats, my beloved furry clutch  and this furry scarf - and I am sure there's more to come! Just to be clear, I am not into real fur, so whenever I talk of fur, it's always fake fur that I mean. In my opinion, you can look as chic with a fake fur garment, than with one out of real fur. There is nothing do discuss about. If we can create a cloth that looks and feels just like the original, while it's not, there is no point for me to wear the real one. It's just not worth it. I just wanted to make this clear, as I own quite a few furry pieces and I would love to have even more! It makes your look both elegant and extravagant - and of course it's warm and cosy! Unfortunately, I don't see many people wearing fake fur in Berlin, as it stands for a chic, sophisticated and elegant look, and this is probably not what the typical Berlin city girl would like to achieve. Anyway, I have always been more into business chic than laid-back, so I am happy to bring some fake fur chic to this city! 

I hope you all had a great week so far! Mine was quite busy, been sewing and working for uni quite a lot and even had an interview with DandyDiary founder, David K.K. Roth. Been following his blog, which he runs with his friend Jakob Haupt, for quite a while and I am always excited to see whats next! Their actions are never foreseeable, that's for sure! I am now off to spend some time with my mumy who arrived yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I am a bit ill so we'll spend most of the time at home and just keep it casual & relaxing. Have a great weekend guys! xx


pictures taken by Sarah

Happy Happy Monday babes! I can't describe how happy I am while I am writing this. It's Monday and I'm having this day off - eek! Since I started working besides uni, I really appreciate every single minute where I am neither working, at uni, or out and about shooting for LOC. I love my studies, I love my blog and brand-in-the-making, and my job as well, but I love to have some time just for myself listening to music and sew. So that's what I'll do today after finishing this blogpost. A couple of weeks ago, me and my girl Sarah shooted this look near my place in Charlottenburg, and the lighting was beyond amazing! My hair looks golden and the whole outfit goes perfect with the yellow leaves that lie on the street. Awww .. I love love love fall season! Unfortunately, those sunny days are really rare, and all thats left is a grey and super cold Berlin. 

In today's outfit, I am again combining some of my fav. pieces for fall/winter. Scarf and beanie are both from Zara, were a real bargain and are super comfy. For me, a good scarf needs to be thick, soft and long! Most of the time I wear my scarves just like I do in todays pictures, as I love how chic and cool a look can be if the ends of it just dangle and are not wrapped around one's neck. That's it for today. Lots of love and have a great week! xx


Heyo everyone!! Sorry for skipping the Wednesday post - I had absolutely no time to write and talk about my latest outfits, although I have quite a few to share with you! Here's number one, from my stay in Austria at my parents place. The weather was incredibly warm, super sunny and just magical. I posted  this amazing picture on Instagram of the mountains and the lake, aww .. I wish it was summer so that I could enjoy some frozen yogurt and watch the sailing boats go by. Whenever I visit my parents, I don't take too much clothes with me, as I know my mum has some great treasures hidden in her wardrobe. I found this green vintage cape already a year ago, but never took pictures with it, so it came in handy last weekend. I wore a simple black pullover-skirt-combination underneath, because this cape obviously stands for itself. It's quite long, I must admit that my mum is much taller than me, but I love it so much! It is suuuuper comfy, warm and it made me feel effortlessly chic. I guess that's what a forester's wife would wear :-P just joking. These green velvet boots belong to my mum as well and it feels like heaven walking in them! I hope you like the pictures, I absolutely adore the colors in the back, it was such a pretty and perfect fall day!

Hopefully you all had a fabulous week! I cannot believe that it is already Friday and the middle of November. It feels like it was my birthday just yesterday, haha =) After finishing this blogpost (note: it's Thursday evening while I am writing this), I will just relax and watch PLL while eating mandarins and cookies. The perfect me-time after a long day at uni and work. I wanted to talk to you about this topic for ages, as I read about 'me-time' in "I am that girl" .. the book I always quote and can totally understand if you get annoyed about ;-) It is just that I can always relate to everything Alexis Jones talks about. One of the chapters is about 'me-time' which I think is one of the most important lessons we all have to learn. I have always loved being alone but felt bad if I told someone or used it as a reason to not showing up at a party or dinner invitation. I can hardly say no, but within the years I learned that it is super important to say no at times and spend time alone without feeling guilty. Alexis Jones described it with the words:
'You have every right in the world to say no and you'll be a better woman because of it.' 
I know it might sound cheesy, but I am trying to feel less guilty whenever I turn someone down and instead spend time by myself. I started dedicating some time every day to do exactly what I want, alone. And guess what? It.feels.great! Putting yourself first takes a lot of courage but it is important to learn about yourself and your needs.

Okay .. I had a lot of thoughts this time .. tell me what you think about my look and thoughts in the comment section! Happy Friday! Lots of love! xx


pictures by Sarah

Almost forgot to share this look with you which we took last month, when the weather was amazing and sunny! You could even go outside bare legged, oh how I miss that time of the year! I guess you all have seen me wearing my new coat over and over again on my social media channels! It is so elegant and versatile. You can wear it all casual, like I did in these pictures, but also with heels and a blouse (coming soon) ;-) I wanted to create a tone in tone look and  and combined my nude leather skirt together with this oversized jumper with purple details. I love how consistent the whole outfit is just because of the beige / nude colors I've chosen to mix. This jumper was a real bargain some time in spring this year, and I love the purple splashes of color! I will make sure to shoot a few other looks with my coat so you can see it styled in different versions! 

Unfortunately there's not much to say today, as my weekend consisted of work, work and again work. Besides working in a store twice a week, I've started sewing another cape for one of my friends and can't wait to share the result with you when it's finished. I hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for reading & lots of love! xx


Good morning everyone! Here's another look I shot back home in Austria, where it was freeeezing! I still cannot believe how cold it got in the past few weeks and that it's already November, but we talked about this already! This look is all about the current fall trends, camel colored skinny pants and a big wide fringe cape with this super cosy hood! I loved to wear camel when I was still in high school, as I thought it looked super chic with a white blouse and white blazer. In wintertime I am more into black than white, that is why I combined my camel pants with this amazing cape that belongs to my mum, but she's fine with sharing =) It's huge, which makes it perfect for winter time, as you can wear thousands of layers underneath. All kinds of capes are definitely a must have for this season, and I am about to sew another one for one of my girls from Berlin! Can't wait to start and show you the result asap! Stay tuned!

Besides that uni is getting more and more busy, I now have a job as well, which might make blogging a bit difficult, but I will try to work it out and keep you all updated =) You all might know that I am craaazy about all kinds of outerwear, coats, capes, you name it and I could talk about it for hours. I've been obsessed with the new Burberry video, been listening and watching it over and over again and wanted to share it with you as well! To be all honest, I felt a bit homesick when I came back to Berlin on Tuesday. My weekend was beyond amazing and super relaxed, while life in Berlin is always quite hectic and all about work. But don't get me wrong, I love to be here, I was just a bit sad to leave Austria this early. But when I discovered this video, I felt happy, warm ready again to work work work and create a vision just like Burberry does all the time. The video is both super inspiring and moving, as well as romantic, and oh my good, look at those amazing dresses in the last part! Sometimes I wish I lived in a fairytale, where I could wear these all day long. But anyway, I have always loved Burberry's work. Their classic trenchcoat is on my wishlist for years now, and this video is just amazing and inspiring in all kinds of life. I will leave you now with the request to watch it at least once, and I am off to uni - see you Monday! xxx


pictures by Linda
Hey peeps! Do you sometimes feel like time is rushing by so fast and you don't even notice it? I had that feeling in the past few days, and especially today, I keep asking myself, how come it's already Wednesday? And how come it's already November, as in, it is almost 2015?! When did all this happen? I am back in Berlin and although the flight took only an hour from Salzburg to Berlin Tegel, I feel kind of jet legged, crazy huh? But anyway, I am back on track and uni is quite busy, so please be gentle with me, if I don't post as much as I usually do in the course of the next few weeks. It seems like I have to develop a new routine since I am running errands every single day and it's quite exhausting at times ;-) Hope you all are fine!

Since I moved to Berlin, I got all crazy about mom jeans and browsed through every online store I know to find the perfect ones. Turns out I ended at Urban Outfitters, which teamed up with Rewardstyle who held an amazing Masterclass in Berlin last month, where I was invited to join. After talking about blogging and some interesting facts, drinking wine with the other gals and chatting we were allowed to try a few pieces from UA and although all of the girls fell in love with a special kind of cardigan, I knew I wanted to get myself a pair of light washed mom jeans. Some may think I am too small for it, or I do not have the right bum for it, but I love those jeans! They look quirky, cool and I totally remind myself on my mom, which is even cooler as she's such a styling inspiration for me. I ripped the jeans myself and paired them super simple with my white Nikes and a fake fur jacket from Forever21. Hope you like the pictures, lots of lovel! xx


Hello lovlies! I feel super motivated, super happy and full of energy after this amazingly calm and relaxed weekend I spent at my parents place in Austria! After living in Berlin for more than two and a half months, it was time to come home, see my parents, one of my sisters, my besties and my cat. I can't deny, I am a small town girl, and sometimes big cities make me feel like I am even smaller, and I am just a teeny tiny 5ft2, which means, I need some time off from the city and just spend a weekend somewhere calm, cosy and above all - quiet. Although I love Berlin to pieces, its energy and how it motivates me to work, create and shoot for the moon day by day, I felt like my body needed some rest and the delicious kind of food my parents cook whenever I come visit ;-) This weekend was meant to be about quality time, food and sleep. I am now ready to fly back to Berlin tomorrow morning and work even harder than before =)

Here's a new outfit for you, with this dress I got via! I wanted to create a look with this seasons favorite bright color - named red! I hardly ever wear red, but when I do, I make sure to keep the whole outfit super simple. This time, I paired it with grey accessories and my fav. furry clutch bag I just got myself via Asos, unfortunately it's already sold out, I just had a look. But the lovely team of Rosegal provided you guys with a 8% discount on your next order with the code 'joeyCgil', so go ahead and shop, they've got some fancy dresses over there! Have a great day guys and best wishes from Austria! xx

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