Wednesday, October 1, 2014


pictures by Liesa
CAN I TAKE YOU HIGHER? I can't even sit still on my chair right now, as I am so excited and motivated! Nothing reeeeally important happened, it's just that I had a weird day at uni yesterday, and I wasn't really in the mood to work, blog, whatever, until I talked to my mum while working on my latest to do list aka business plan. Whenever there was enough time in between uni and work I did some sketching and thought about this big word called 'change' a lot these past few days and weeks, and I think I am ready to take a massive step into a certain direction. So I am just gonna risk everything, change a few things in my life, probably even change myself a little bit, and tell you guys, that I am working on my very first collection. Eeeek! I know, it might not sound as interesting and funny for you, as it does for me, but this is a big step for me. I I've been thinking about my own collection for ages now and was always scared, but I kinda feel like I am finally in the right place to do it. I won't say more, as it should still be a surprise for you guys, but please be gentle with me, as I am working so hard right now, tiny LOC blog takes the second place.

But still, second doesn't mean I'm not gonna blog for ages now, as I absolutely love blogging. It's like I am addicted, whenever I don't blog for about three days, I feel weird. So here's a new outfit post with my selfmade burgundy colored cape that I still adore, my docs and my latest investment: a veiled beanie! I got it via Asos, as I desperately wanted one after seeing them on the runway of Jil Sander. I lost my heart for all kinds of headgears, and this veiled beanie got me higher! I hope you're all doing fine, tell me what you think about the veiled beanie in the comment section! :) Happy Humpday! xx

boots - Dr Martens
cape  - LOCdesigns
beanie - Asos

bag - Michael Kors



  1. So toll, die derben Schuhe mit der verspielten Haube und dem tollen Cape, ist wieder sehr gelungen dein Post! Du siehst fantastisch aus.

  2. Awesome shots :) I think should share your photos on, too :)

  3. Love the bag and the cape :)

  4. thank you guys for your lovely comments!! xx


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