pictures by Emma Grann Photography
Do you know that feeling, when certain moments feel like a dream? When I look at the pictures we shot this summer in Sweden, it feels like a dream that Ilived there for a few weeks, it's a little surreal. If you followed my little Swedish journey through summer, you might as well know that I have teamed up with lovely Emma, who is an amazing young photographer from Gothenburg. We shot these on my last day before I went to Oslo. She recently told me that she joined a photography exhibition in Sweden, which takes place in Kungsbacka (20-31 October), Varberg (3-14 November) and Halmstad! It's at a school called 'Medborgarskolan' and open on the weekdays - you also don't have to pay any entrance fee! Just wanted to share this with my Swedish readers, I hope you're still interested in tiny LOC blog even though I'm not 'living' there anymore, because I think Emma's work is beyond amazing and I would love to come myself, but it is too far away and I've got a pretty tight schedule here in Berlin! If anyone of you is there, pleeease instagram and tell me about it, and don't forget to use the hashtag #emmagrannfotografi =)

Besides that I'd love to be back in Sweden right now, I am enjoying fall season to its fullest! I have just finished another coat and I am super duper excited to wear it and take pictures for you! I hope you are still interested in my designs, it's all taking ages right now as I am working on so many things at once, but I will make sure to update you every once in a while! I am now off to a uni event, wishing you a happy Thursday, thanks for reading! xx

jumpsuit - H&M
sneakers - Adidas Originals
jumper - Gina Tricot
beanie - H&M
bag - Forever21



  1. So sweet of you Carmen! :)
    Hope to meet you again someday!!

  2. Stunning pics and you look adorable in that pink/black outfit.

  3. Grandiose Bilder, wunderschön und dein Outfit schlägt wieder alles. Gratuliere!

  4. sooo tolle fotos, ich lieb jedes einzelne :) lg carina von

  5. thanks girls!!! I wish I'd be back in Sweden :) xx


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