Monday, October 13, 2014


pictures by Linda
My instagram feed is all over pictures of people who hate monday(s), quotes, which explain why monday(s) suck, but I personally love Mondays. Not just because I've got Monday off (every single week, eeek), but because I've always loved them, as they stand for a new beginning. There's a whole week, there are seven full days, where you can discover new things, start something new, try something new, just do something you've never done before and make your life even more fun! I've got a full to do list for this week and I can't wait to start! First I'll finish my coat that I am dying to show you, as it's so elegant and sophisticated, and then do some workout, work on the blog, work for uni, the usual ;-) What are your plans for the week? It's really weird, but I told my mum yesterday, that I am really settling down, as in, I love what I do and most of the time, I'm not saying everytime, but most of the time I don't need to motivate myself to do something, because it's all fun and, I pretty much love my job and the studies I chose. Finally=) I hope you all had an amazing weekend, just like me, and you're more than happy that Monday arrived, to get yet another fresh start and create something exciting!

I've been wearing black a lot lately, but wanted to change this by creating a black, white and green look with some of my new goodies. This vest was on Sale at Mango and I've always wanted one of these! It's my go-to piece this fall, it's so chic but can be styled pretty edgy as well! Of course there's my fav. jumper of all time, the turtleneck in white, which I couldn't imagine living without, as it's the most comfortable garment you can wear! It's funny how I am super interested in clothing history thanks to uni, cause people have been wearing turtlenecks since the 15th century and there was even a time where they used it in violation of the shirt and tie. Fashion history fun fact no. 1! 
Paired with green snake printed shorts and a big bag I am ready for another day at work/uni, wishing you a happy Monday! xx

boots - Zara
tights - Tezenis
turtleneck - Mango



  1. Die Shorts sind toll, das dunkle Grün gefällt mir außergewöhnlich gut. Dein komplettes Outfit sieht super aus und die sportliche Tasche dazu perfekt!

  2. Das sieht so wundervoll aus! Die Khakifarbenen Shorts sind ja mal der Knüller schlechthin! :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana


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