pictures by Sarah
FRI-YAY! I had such a busy week, that is why I had absolutely no time to use social media properly and keep you updated, but I think it's okay to skip posting all day long from time to time. As it's Friday today, I am showing you the third and last look with my jumpsuit, worn as a top, paired with a black midi skirt, heels and my beloved Michael Kors bag. It's a quite business-y look, and although I love heels, I am more of a high heeled boots girl, just because they are much more comfortable. To wear a jumpsuit as a top in wintertime is also quite tricky cause it keeps you warm underneath as well ;-) I cannot really say which look I liked most, but I am strongly tending towards the first one, as it is super casual and you can see the whole jumpsuit .. but what do you think about today's option? Ain't it funny how versatile such a jumpsuit/one piece can be worn?

As you might have seen on my Instagram this morning, I am flying home tonight! Eeeek! Haven't seen my sisters, besties from home and parents in what it feels like ages (it's been more than two months though ;-) so I am pretty much excited to see all of them! The reasons why I was crazy busy in the past few days is uni, which became more and more demanding and me working on a new layout for tiny LOC blog and my own brand/label that is taking form as well. SO excited, every day has been really busy and exhausting but I love it! I'll keep you updated about my weekend at home, wishing you all an amazing Friday and above all, an amazing weekend! Lots of love, xx

heels - Italy find
tights - Tezenis
midi skirt - H&M
bag - Michael Kors



  1. Das ist auch eine tolle Variante mit dem Rock darüber und den Heels dazu, sieht super schick aus!

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