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A new series on LACKOFCOLOR - yay! I've always wanted to do a '(please insert garment here) worn in three ways' - and when I saw this jumpsuit at H&M I knew it would be the perfect one piece to show in three different ways. So this week will be only about this gorgeous jumpsuit and I will show you three different ways of how to wear it. I would recommend you to get this jumpsuit if you love one pieces as much as I do, also this one adds a little 60s twist to your wardrobe, don't you think? For the first look I wore my jumpsuit with an oversized blazer, beanie and loafers. I must admit, these items are my all time favorites. You all know me for a while now, so you might as well know how much I love beanies .. and this black one is always with me! The blazer is not a simple tailored blazer, but more a straight, slightly oversized one with no pockets, no collar and out of neoprene material! It usually goes with everything, that is why I wanted to try if it fits to my jumpsuit as well - yep - nailed it, again! And to add a bit of vintage chic to my look, I wore my old vintage doctor's bag which I got myself in Vienna two years ago. I love its used look, compared to my Michael Kors, this one's an old lady and I love to take her for a walk every now and then! Also, if I do not want to wear heels or boots, I always grab my black Pennyloafers. There is something about these shoes that makes them so oldschool and nerdy but amazingly beautiful and versatile at the same time. My go-to piece in fall! 

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend - what did you do to keep yourself busy? I was working on Saturday and then Sunday is always a day to do some sports, uni stuff, read and watch movies. By the way, I got all convinced by my girl Anni to get Netflix, so now I am head over heels watching PLL, GG (again) and lots of movies I've always wanted to see. I just watched 'One Day' with Anne Hathaway yesterday morning and think it's brilliant. Must admit that I (almost) cried at the end and I am usually not THAT kind of girl, but if you are into tragiccomedies, go for it! Happy Monday! xx

loafers - Zara
bag - vintage
blazer - Lindex
beanie - no name



  1. total süßer look, du siehst wie immer wunderbar aus :)

  2. Super toll deine Kombination. Von allem ist ein bißchen dabei und ich freue mich schon auf deine anderen Varianten! Wird wie immer Klasse sein.

  3. The jumpsuit is lovely. I love how you styled it. Can't wait to see the next combinations!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  4. Wow wirklich super toll gestylt! Die 1. deiner 3 Varianten gefällt mir am Besten! :) Toller Jumpsuit :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

    Ich würde mich riesig freuen, wenn du bei meinem Gewinnspiel mitmachen würdest! :)


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