Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend, enough time to relax and rest and that you are now ready for a new week! Let's start with something refreshing, like a little bit of beauty!
Since I just cut my hair again, and people always ask me about my hair care routine, I decided to write a post about it. If you follow tiny LOC blog for a while now, you might know that I had quite long hair until I decided to cut them in January. Then I decided to get back to the roots and get my bangs again, but quickly became bored of it, so I am trying to grow them out, which probably takes ages. Two weeks ago I decided to cut my whole hair again, this time it's definitely a change that can be seen. I've never had this short hair, but I absolutely love how versatile it is. I still laugh when I am trying to make a bun or special hairdo as it won't proper work out =) Here's a list of my favorite products that I am currently using:

I would have never thought that I'd fell for such expensive hair products, but the shampoo, conditioner, mask and spray from Redken for blonde haired people are amazing! They come in various blonde tones and are perfect if you have naturally blonde hair as they bring out the best in your hair color!

When I decided to get an ombre a few months ago, I knew I would have to treat the ends of my hair properly so they do not get too dry or even split. That is when I invested in the Mythic Oil by L'Oreal. You do not have to use much of it as well as you do not have to use it on an everyday basis. I usually use it once or twice a week and my ends always stay healthy, even though I straighten my hair quite a lot lately. 

I have always hated hair sprays as they make your hair look super unhealthy and it was not that easy to brush you hair afterwards if you have got crazy curly hair as they said. A few months ago I found out that there are different kinds of hair sprays and some don't damage your hair at all. I recently got myself the new L'Oreal Elnett de Luxe Hairspray and it is working it's magic on my hair every once in a while when I want to do a special hairdo or just need my beachwaves to stay in one place.

You all know I have got natural curly hair, and they look best when I just jump into the sea and let them dry by air. Unfortunately, this is only an option in summertime, so in between I have to help out a little. I always dry my hair by air if I have enough time and want them to look amazing and super curly. To get a massive curly effect I always use a bit of wellaflex setting mousse, but not too much as it can make your curls or waves look and feel hard.

I hope you liked this kind of post! Lately, I found indulging into beauty products quite interesting, so there will be more to come! Please note that this is my opinion on all those products, it might work on my hair, but it does not have to be the same way on anyone elses =) I am now off to do some sports and then go back to work! Have a great Monday lovlies! xx



  1. Das sieht alles sehr gut aus, insbesonders brauchen blonde Haare viel Pflege! Deine Wahl ist ausgezeichnet.

  2. vielen lieben Dank,es sind echt tolle produkte :) xx


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